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Meet the DiversyFund Team

Craig Cecilio and Alan Lewis combine nearly four decades of collective experience in the real estate investment industry, bringing the best of both real estate expertise and Wall Street experience to the company’s investors.

Craig Cecilio

Craig Cecilio

Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Alan Lewis

Alan Lewis

Co-Founder and Chief Investment Officer

The Team Behind Our Success

Our team shares the same vision and we have the experience. We have the team, the platform and the technology to make it happen and nothing’s going to stop us from bringing wealth-building opportunities to the everyday investor.

Van Vogel

Executive Vice President of Real Estate

Issac Dixon

VP Real Estate Operations

Ryan Wagner

Associate Director, Analytics & BI

George Jalil

VP Real Estate Acquisitions

Ginger Vyterna

Senior Asset Manager

Tom Powell

Real Estate Transaction Manager

Nikki Sachman

Social & PR Manager

Adriana Escobedo

Customer Experience Manager

Austen Goodson

Software Engineer

Max Wnuk

Associate Data Analyst

Ben De La Torre

Software Engineer

Jonathan Neff

Financial Administrator

Samantha Li

Staff Accountant

Kevin Mawby

Capital Markets Associate