Real estate investing that’s accessible – for everyone.

And it’s easy too!

How It Works

From the convenience of your phone

Whether you’re a current investor or just taking the first steps to building a balanced portfolio, DiversyFund provides the tools and guidance you need to begin investing in private market assets. We’ve broken down the barriers that used to keep the everyday investor from institutional-quality investments.

You no longer need:

All-Access Investing

Mobile or web, our platform makes it easy to:

With a Partner You Can Trust

We’re here to help demystify the real estate investment process with an in-house team of experts that handle the portfolio through each phase, from acquiring properties to appreciation through renovations, property management, and liquidation. We’ve harnessed the power of fintech to offer a simple hands-off approach to commercial real estate.

And You Don’t Have to Do it Alone.

Join our fast-growing community of 28,000+ investors! Together, our multifamily real estate investors are adding the power of alternative assets to their portfolios and learning along the way — with content designed to educate and take the mystery out of securing their financial future.

Inclusive Access to Exclusive Deals

At DiversyFund, our real estate growth plan offers access to everyone, from those just starting out to seasoned investors looking to leverage their portfolios. Value-add strategies and a multifamily asset class provide an inflation-resistant way to help build potential wealth.

Ninety percent of all millionaires become so through owning real estate.

- Andrew Carnegie

Carnegie was right. In fact, 24 of the 400 billionaires appearing on the 2021 Forbes 400 list of richest Americans are real estate investors. They realize the powerful benefits of a diversified portfolio and prudent investing.

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Awesome platform...

Brandon G. from US, Aug 10, 2021

Awesome platform for those who are looking to invest, but don’t have a lot of start-up capital. I highly recommend it.

Easy investment platform...

T.T. from US, Aug 9, 2021

Easy investment platform that offers a good alternative for diversification.