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DiversyFund brings you a wide array of vetted properties and unique opportunities via a simple platform, with all the tools you need to invest with confidence.

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$100 Million

Invested in Commercial and Residential Real Estate

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$0 Loss of Principal by DiversyFund Investors

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The DiversyFund Community is Over 30,000 Investors

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Investments that target returns on an annual basis

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Diversified investments across various real estate opportunities

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"The main difference with DiversyFund is that we do all of our projects in house. All of our projects are developed with partnerships we’ve developed over the years."

Craig Cecilio

Chief Executive Officer

"We’re always looking for ways to give our investors more transparency, more security and more assurance that what they’ve signed up for is actually being accomplished."

Alan Lewis

Chief Investment Officer

"We develop modern user experience and technology, creating opportunities for everyone to invest and receive higher returns."

Affif Siddique

Chief Marketing Officer

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