Is your portfolio missing the preferred asset class of the wealthy?

For over 30 years, real estate beat the stock market by a significant margin with less daily volatility. Diversify away from the stock market's roller coaster ride and grow value with real estate.

Discover the Benefits

Targeting higher than expected returns and growing your wealth is easier than you think

  • Gain access to exclusive multi-family real estate
  • Start earning interest in minutes
  • No fees, period!

Technology and Real Estate Expertise Combined

Transparent process

Crowdfunding allows us to aggregate dollars to purchase real estate, we develop it manage it, receive cash flow, and then divide the profits.

Cost efficient

We cut out the middlemen and unnecessary costs like bank fees, document prep fees, storage, and additional operational salaries that are usually passed on to investors.

Better investing experience

We are able to directly increase the yields to our investors, saving you money and ensuring you the highest return possible.

How Does the 1% Grow Wealth?

Focus on growth

Build long term wealth and take advantage of the great wealth accelerator--compounding returns.

Build long term wealth

Our Investors Love Us

We've invested more than $100M entirely through crowdfunding and our platform has a 65% repeat investment rate.

Meet the
Leadership Team

Craig Cecilio and Alan Lewis, combine nearly four decades of collective experience in the real estate investment industry bringing the best of both real estate expertise and Wall Street experience to the company's investors.

Everyone in the team shares the same vision. We have the experience, the team, the platform, the technology, and nothings' going to stop us from bringing wealth-building opportunities to the 99%.

Meet the entire team

Craig Cecilio

Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder

Alan Lewis

Chief Investment Officer and Co-Founder