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How Investing with DiversyFund Works

At DiversyFund, we’ve developed a platform that allows everyday investors access to high-value alternative investments such as commercial real estate. Read on to learn more…

01 The Growth REIT Strategy

A Simple 3-Step Process

The real estate team at DiversyFund uses a 3-step strategy when it comes to the properties in the fund. Here’s how it works:

  1. The fund purchases multifamily apartment buildings that are already generating revenue from rents but are in need of improvements.
  2. The fund renovates the units to increase the cash flow. This immediately increases the building’s value as well as the rents.
  3. We wait and let the assets further appreciate so we can sell them at a maximum profit.

02 Your Investment Dollars at Work

See How The REIT Operates

From the moment you invest, your dollars are hard at work. Watch the video above to understand the flow of investor capital to the fund, to the properties, and ultimately back to investors.

When you invest with DiversyFund, you are investing with a partner, not a broker. Other broker platforms charge you unnecessary middleman fees. Our key differentiator is that we are a sponsor-direct platform. This means we own and manage all of our own assets. Your investment is managed by us and your return will come under our ownership alone, removing several layers of third-parties and their fees.

03 The Investment Process

A Few Simple Steps To Invest

Investing with DiversyFund is simple and takes about 5 minutes to complete. All transactions are completed 100% online through our easy-to-use portal.

  1. Sign up and create your account. Creating an account is free and gives you 24/7 access to our investment opportunities.
  2. Choose your investment. Within the dashboard, you can browse options and make your initial investment.
  3. Upgrade your portfolio. With one investment, you are instantly become a co-owner of a diversified portfolio of real estate assets.
  4. Manage your account and track investment updates. Within your investor dashboard, you can view your investment, add more to your initial investment amount, and see property updates.
  5. Receive your returns. At the end of the investment term, investors can choose to reinvest into DiversyFund’s next fund or take a full payout.

04 At A Glance

All Your Questions Answered

We’ve taken some of the most common questions investors have and laid them out for you.

How Long Is The Investment Term?
The DiversyFund Growth REIT is designed to be a long-­term investment and is inherently illiquid in nature. It has a 5-year projected term. We aim to invest in projects that can be sold within approximately five years. We maintain several cash-flowing properties in the portfolio, generating revenue from rents. When market conditions are suitable to an advantageous liquidation event, we sell the assets at which point investors will receive their principal and returns back.

Are There Qualifications to Invest?
DiversyFund is qualified by the SEC to offer investment opportunities to everyone. Any US resident, unaccredited or accredited, over the age of 18 can currently invest.

Do I Receive Distributions?
Once properties start to sell, the profits earned are either reinvested into the Growth REIT or distributed back to investors. DiversyFund investors have a 7% preferred return–meaning we don’t make money until you do.

Tell Me About the Properties
DiversyFund carefully qualifies each investment opportunity to ensure that specific criteria are met. By ensuring the market is right, as well as a number of other factors, our team of experts hand-select the opportunities that show the best potential return on investment for you.

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The DiversyFund Growth REIT

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