How It Works

how crowdfunding real estate works

Create A Free Account In Minutes

By creating an accredited investor account, you can view and fund properties instantly online. And, there’s no obligation to invest – Simply create an account, browse properties, and invest any time at your convenience.

Browse Our List of Vetted Properties

Our extensive real estate experience, detailed vetting process, and 100% backing of all properties means that you only see the best possible investment opportunities on our property listings. Don’t believe us? See our
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Invest Online To Build Your Portfolio

The DiversyFund platform makes it easy to securely invest online. Simply go through our portfolio of investment opportunities at your leisure, fill out the necessary paperwork, and transfer the desired amount of funds – All from the comfort of your own home or office.

Your Returns Get Immediately Deposited

As your real estate investment grows, we automatically deposit the funds and dividends into your account. This makes re-investment a simple process. And, it’s always nice to see your returns in your possession instantly. Wouldn’t you agree?

Why Choose DiversyFund

AgileAgile Real Estate InvestmentsProducing great returns requires agility and swift responses to the rapidly changing market conditions. With 20+ years of experience in real estate investment and management, our team is prepared to take actions at just the right time.

Accountablehome11Via an extensive use of data and technology, we scrutinize and underwrite all of our deals to minimize risk. We focus on Quality over Quantity, which is why all of our transactions are underwritten using SEC strict guidelines and accurately reported.

ExperienceExperincedOur experience in real estate investment and technology is a huge differentiator. Through our exclusive relationships with renowned designers, builders and marketers, we bring you the best in-class investment opportunities, where we even invest ourselves.

CreativeCreative Real Estate InvestmentFintech companies around the world are disrupting the traditional business models. By creating a modern user experience to democratize the centuries old real estate investment model that benefited only the uber-rich, real estate investing is now available to everyone.

Join The Crowd: Crowdfunding Real Estate Investing

DiversyFund combines the power of the crowd and modern investing technology to offer accredited investors a comprehensive, easy-to-use online real estate investing platform. With a few clicks of the mouse, you’ll enjoy access to the country’s hottest, high-yield real estate markets. And, it gets better: DiversyFund’s community of investors can fund properties with as little as $5,000 in personal investment. Together, we can accomplish so much – including watching our ROI skyrocket.