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DiversyFund: Diversified Real Estate Investments

Build your portfolio with tangible private market assets

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Is your portfolio missing the preferred asset class of the wealthy?

For over 30 years, real estate beat the stock market by a significant margin with less daily volatility. Diversify away from the stock market’s roller coaster ride and grow value with real estate.

The wealthiest have invested in real estate for decades. Now it’s your turn.

At DiversyFund, we make it easy to buy shares in a portfolio of fully vetted, multifamily real estate. With the click of a button, you could own a piece of our fund across multiple properties. Your portfolio will be designed to function with one goal in mind: To grow your net worth like the 1%.

  • Unlock investments with high growth potential
  • Diversify your portfolio with multifamily real estate
  • Protect your financial future with stable assets

DiversyFund is changing the way the everyday investor builds wealth. Find out how we empower the 99% to reach financial freedom.

The Path to Financial Freedom

Our company was founded on the belief that everyone deserves access to the same wealth-building tools that have long been used by the 1% to create and sustain generational wealth. DiversyFund was built to empower the everyday investor, with the ultimate goal of closing the wealth gap. 

Combining innovative technology and extensive expertise in finance and investment management, our self-serve investment platform offers 24/7 access to our unique offerings, including private market investment funds and educational services. Starting with a minimum investment of only $500, you can diversify your portfolio with one of the most attractive — and historically profitable — forms of alternative asset investment: multifamily commercial real estate. 

DiversyFund is committed to demystifying the wealth-building process for the everyday investor. By offering a wide array of financial literacy resources and an accessible product offering to begin investing in alternative assets, we work tirelessly on behalf of the 99% to democratize the investing landscape.