DiversyFund is Working Towards A Higher Goal

Ever since we came up with the idea of launching DiversyFund, we knew that it would represent more than just another “crowdfunding” platform. We knew we were going to be working towards a higher goal. You see, there are other real estate crowdfunding sites. While some are doing an amazing job of bridging the gap between real estate investments and technology, others are merely hoping to figure out the “why” after they’ve dove into the pool.

For us, it was a natural progression to launch this website. Since we had already “paid our dues” so to speak through our existing real estate investment firm. A decade of hard work, relationships with investors, developers, and other stakeholders and over $500 Million in placements, gave birth to the idea of putting our expertise to good use. This is why we are working towards a higher goal by launching this site. Furthermore, why we are providing a new gateway for our existing and future investors to diversify their portfolios through multiple projects posted each month.Working Towards A Higher Goal

Taking It Higher

But how do we take this to another level? How do we ensure that DiversyFund not only serves the needs of our investors, but leverages technology, a new generation of shareholders, developers, architects, and the community at large to serve a higher purpose?

In our pursuit to align ourselves with the ideas that originally pulled us in this direction, we wish to collaborate with passionate individuals and groups that wish to add value in some way, shape, or form- and well beyond the % of returns that equates to a dollar figure. We wish to create a movement in communities that need revitalization. We want to work with forward-thinking architects that deploy new technologies and energy-efficient planning to new projects. Our developers are to be screened to ensure that the utmost ethical standards are used when bidding on projects, structuring the finance side, and sourcing the right materials to be used during rehabs and new developments.

New Doors Open for DiversyFund

DiversyFund is currently posting projects for review by our accredited investors. We have opened up the doors for new developers/rehabbers to connect with us to present projects for our review. We take pride in the due diligence of reviewing each opportunity that comes our way. Hence the high yields enjoyed by our existing investors.

And so, we (still) want to do more! We want to create positive change in all of the markets that we are actively investing. The next chapter for DiversyFund is upon us. As we set the wheels in motion to recruit new team members including, analysts, architects, and community outreach representatives.

There is much to be accomplished. Starting from our own backyard in sunny San Diego to the many counties up and down the coast. Care to join our team that’s working towards a higher goal? We want to hear from you!