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Diversify your investments like the 1%.

For centuries, the 1% has used real estate as a wealth creation tool. They focus on investing in high quality, top tier commercial assets. And unless you had a rich uncle with Wall Street connections, regular investors have been excluded from investing in these types of multi-million dollar assets. Until today.

Getting started is simple.


Create your free account

Create your account online at to unlock your portal and start investing! The process is quick and easy.


Browse available investments

Once you join, you have exclusive access to current eligible investments. View more details about each investment to review and explore the opportunities that fit your investment goals.

Step 3

Make your investment

When you are ready to invest, you can quickly complete your transaction online. If you have any questions you can reach out to us via DiversyFund Live Chat, our Investor Relations Team Email or by scheduling a call.

Step 4

Monitor your investments

You have full visibility into the performance of your investment via the DiversyFund Dashboard. Track your total current invested value and review your portfolio. You’ll receive quarterly investment reports and annual tax documents.


Invest with a partner, not a broker.

Don’t invest with a broker platform that charges you unnecessary middleman fees. Unlike other online platforms that function as a broker, with DiversyFund, you get an investment partner with skin in the game. Say goodbye to brokers and middleman fees.

No Middle Man Platform

We are an all-in-one platform where you can make your direct investment to our assets.

No Broker Fees

Unlike competitors, we have no platform fees because of our vertical integration.

No Mixed Sponsor Group

Your investment will be managed by us and your return will come under our ownership alone.

We actively manage and improve real estate investments.

We provide value by strategizing and leveraging industry knowledge to maximize your return. Our team is involved throughout the whole investment lifecycle to ensure you are provided the managed investment you hoped for.

We provide decades of successful real estate investing experience while we pursue the best results for our invests.

Real estate experts leveraging Wall Street lessons with innovative tech.

Our team shares the same vision and we have the experience. We have the team, the platform and the technology to make it happen and nothing’s going to stop us from bringing wealth-building opportunities to the everyday investor.