A Different Real Estate Crowdfunding Platform by Design

Diversify your investments like the 1%

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For centuries, the 1% has used real estate as a wealth creation tool. They focus on investing in high quality, top tier commercial assets. And unless you had a rich uncle with Wall Street connections, regular investors have been excluded from investing in these types of multi-million dollar assets. Until today.

Invest with a partner, not with a broker

Don’t invest with a broker platform that charges you unnecessary middleman fees.  Unlike other online platforms that function as a broker, with DiversyFund, you get an investment partner with skin in the game. Say goodbye to brokers and middleman fees.

Other Online Platforms


Middleman Platform

Broker Fees

Mixed Sponsor Group

Start earning intrest in minutes

Complete your investment entierly online

Secure payment portal

Online dashboard with monthly updates

Real estate experts leveraging tech, not tech guys trying to learn real estate

Real estate expertise meets wall street experience

Meet the entire team

Diversify across different real estate assets

Make a single investment and immediately own a portfolio of diversified real estate assets.