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We're here to help create wealth for the everyday investor

DiversyFund creates investment funds of high-value private market assets — multifamily real estate — for the everyday investor.

What do we mean by the everyday investor?

Anyone and everyone looking to build wealth in a meaningful way but lacking millions of dollars at their disposal. Institutions and ultra-wealthy individuals have access to high-quality investments options outside of the stock market that the everyday investor often doesn’t know about. We’re here to change that through access and education.

How do we serve the everyday investor?

Everything we do is designed to serve the needs of the everyday investor, including:

Making DiversyFund accessible to everyone — there are no net worth restrictions

Setting a minimum investment at just $500

Diversifying your portfolio outside of stocks and bonds with alternative assets and protecting investors against market volatility

Maintaining public oversight, which means our fund financials are audited annually and we follow strict compliance standards

What’s unique about investing with DiversyFund?

We created DiversyFund to make the investing strategies used by high net-worth individuals accessible to everyone. We’ve made access to wealth-building strategies and information readily available, including these highlights:

You don’t have to be a professional.

We have decades of experience in the private investment and real estate world. Our team develops strategic investments designed to maximize your wealth-building potential. We acquire and manage all assets in the fund so you can invest passively.

Everything is automated.

The old days of talking to an investor relations representative who judges your value based on your net worth are over. We've created a fully automated service where anyone can invest into alternative private assets — multifamily real estate — 100% online. If you ever get stuck, our customer success team is available through live chat.

We want you to make informed decisions.

We’re here to help you make the best financial moves for your future. Investing in the private market and in real estate is different from investing in stocks and bonds. We help you learn the secrets of wealth building at your own pace.

How We Do It

Combining the powers of community and technology is what lets us offer investment opportunities like these to everyday investors like you. The truth is, there’s enough wealth for everyone. Together, we can earn a seat at the wealth-creation table.

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