Commercial Real Estate Investment Opportunity: San Diego, California

14% Paid Quarterly

Investor Returns


Asset Type


Project Stage

12 Month

Investment Term

passive income property

DiversyFund has a top deal in its real estate investment opportunities portfolio – And, it’s in one of the hottest real estate markets in the Southern California. Located in Southern San Diego, California this investment is full entitled for 58 multifamily units with an additional 5,000 sq. ft. of commercial space.

The investment is $1,900,000 with the building permit submitted in January 2017. In addition to this, the location is centrally located near downtown and Balboa Park with it bordering Banker’s Hill and Hillcrest neighborhoods.

With the asset obtained for 15%+ below market value, this exclusive passive income opportunity offers investors 14% quarterly returns. Also, the terms include twelve months with the option to extend for another two years, thus a three year term total.

Financial Overview

14% Quarterly Payments

Pre Construction Multifamily

12 Month Terms

Min Investment Requirement: $10,000

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AgileAgile Real Estate InvestmentsWhen it comes to investment firms, bigger isn’t always better. By operating with a core staff of experienced associates, DiversyFund is able to give you the highly personalized experience – and  real estate investment expertise – you desire. In addition to that, DiversyFund is able to react rapidly to key market changes while leveraging creative strategies that larger firms simply can’t execute.

Accountablehome11We underwrite every aspect of the loan by first measuring the known risks and then identifying any potential unknown risks in the transaction before we price the return to our investors. All of our transactions are underwritten, 100% transparent, and accurately reported. We only align ourselves with investors and managers who meet our strict set of qualifications. Our focus is on
quality over quantity – We ensure you only get the very best real estate investment opportunities  available on the market. That’s a promise.

ExperienceExperincedWith over a decade of service to California’s investor community, CCFG Investments has established a sterling reputation for being a responsible and reliable partner. Our founder and President Craig Cecilio has been funding real estate investment projects for over a decade and our well-connected team of experienced investment executives are all driven to find you the best possible residential, commercial, income, and equity properties possible.

CreativeCreative Real Estate InvestmentIn today’s challenging financial landscape, maximizing returns takes skill, experience, and creativity. Sometimes we achieve this through economies of scale. Other times, it can only be achieved by working with a vast network of industry experts that know what it takes to deliver the kind of dividends our community of investors have come to expect. We provide high-quality debt investments secured by real estate to all our accredited investors and seek innovative ways to put more money in your portfolio.

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