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The Power of Micro Investors for Real Estate

micro investors in real estate

Many people believe that investing in real estate is a pursuit reserved for the extremely wealthy. However, through crowdfunding real estate investments, you no longer need billions of dollars to start investing in real estate. By becoming a micro-investor, more people are finding that smaller investments can bring surprisingly huge returns. There is a lot of power micro investors are experiencing in the real estate market. So, what does that mean for you?

One of the best ways to maximize your returns, even on small investments, is through crowdfunding real estate investments. Among the most innovative development in real estate, these platforms allow you to invest small amounts in a highly diversified, expertly-selected real estate portfolio.

Micro Investors Investing in Real Estate

Before crowdfunding came to the real estate investment community, investing with a low budget was a very risky process. Often, all you could do without an enormous amount of assets was purchase one or two properties. Then, you’d just hope for the best and wait patiently. If these properties weren’t in your local area, it was often hard to perform the necessary upkeep.

Of course, if you had the time and skill set for home rehabilitation projects, you could attempt a flip. However, this meant spending thousands of dollars and hours on costly repairs in the hopes of potentially recouping some of that labor. On top of all of this, even these options were more expensive than many would-be investors could afford.

Now, crowdfunding real estate investment platforms are on the rise, such as DiversyFund. Even more so, micro investors no longer need to take such stressful risks in order to be involved in real estate investments. Instead, you can invest in some of the most exclusive markets available with as little as $5,000.

How Do Crowdfunding Real Estate Investments Work?

You’ve probably heard of “crowdfunding” in other contexts. Many crowdfunding platforms exist in order to provide financial resources to artists directly from their fans. Additionally, these platforms have funded a number of musical projects and films. Individuals have also utilized crowdfunding platforms to fund costly and necessary expenses, like medical bills. Overall, crowdfunding relies on the power of the crowd. This means a large number of people investing a relatively small amount to achieve a large financial goal.

Real estate crowdfunding and investing works along similar principles. Through crowdfunding, these platforms give ordinary people access to the best real estate investment opportunities available. While $10,000 can’t get you much in even the smallest housing markets, when combined with similarly-sized investments from hundreds of investors it can secure you a real estate investment in rapidly-growing markets.

Additionally, given the scope of these investments, you can greatly diversify your portfolio. By doing so, you are allowing yourself to maximize financial security and returns. Our team of committed and highly experienced investors at DiversyFund always ensure that you’re making the best investments your money can buy.

Investing With DiversyFund

DiversyFund embraces transparency with its investors throughout each project. In our post-recession world, many people are understandably reluctant to invest blindly. For this very reason, all of our transactions are carefully vetted by our investment and development teams.

On top of all of this, your returns are deposited immediately and updates are sent regularly. Through our innovative investor portal, you are able to track your investments, receive images, videos and more from our teams.

Overall, crowdfunding real estate investments offer the best of both worlds: micro-investment in truly major markets. If you’re interested in experiencing the power micro investors have in real estate for yourself, register for a free account at DiversyFund today!

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