Top 5 Tips When Considering a “Flip”

So, you’re thinking of buying a home in need of some TLC, increasing its value by fixing, adding, and upgrading certain features, then selling it for a profit? Welcome to the Flip zone! In recent years, thousands of novice folks, have leveraged some fortunate (and often times unfortunate) times in the market to make hefty profits. In turn, they have made a nice living by flipping homes across the U.S. But like every business venture, there are inherent risks to consider when contemplating your first flip. At DiversyFund, we receive crowdfunding requests from countless investors. Many flip an average of 5-10 homes per year. We pass on over 99.9% of those request. When accepted, we work with them throughout the process of sourcing, bidding, purchasing, and renovations. Often becoming the lead developer or lead project manager. Over the years, we’ve heard some of the major “DOs & DON’Ts” from our top investors. Although […]

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