Crowdfunding Real Estate Loans

When investing in real estate using crowdfunding platforms, a loan may come in useful. One of the great things about crowdfunding real estate platforms is that they facilitate transparency. Since you’re dealing more on the investor’s terms, property sellers need to ensure investors have full awareness of the entire process. In the past, real estate transactions were generally held in private, usually between people who knew each other. It often meant that the process to obtain and negotiate a loan was not transparent. What are you allowed to do with crowdfunding real estate platforms? Crowdfunding real estate platforms are allowing the real estate market to enter an era of transparency in loan-making. The loans you find in crowdfunding real estate platforms grant you a fast and simpler process. You are able to control and manage the entire deal by yourself. We are the experts, and you keep close control of […]


The Dodd-Frank Act (Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection) Is Now In Full Effect

We are all fully aware of the often too easy process of getting mortgage loan in the years prior. Especially relevant, to the reality of the most recent financial crisis. The irresponsible lending (and borrowing) that led to the inevitable crash as these subprime loans played a key role in the subsequent recession. The Dodd-Frank Act, drafted in 2010, went into full effect on January 10, 2014. The Dodd-Frank Act requires banks to adopt a more stringent process to ensure that loans issued are to borrowers that can actually afford the homes they wish to purchase. The rule of thumb is that your mortgage payment should not exceed 28% of your monthly take home pay. Following the housing bust, the Dodd- Frank Act is setup to protect the consumers. The days of minimal paperwork, stated incomes, and overnight approvals are gone. Lenders must now request all forms of documents, including pay stubs, verification […]