8 Tips for Real Estate Investors

Did you know that in a world of experienced real estate investors you don’t have to be an expert to invest? It is a known fact that most of the wealthy people are among Real Estate Investors. This is why everyone should invest in real estate due to the reliability of this industry. The good news is that in these times, you don’t have to have tons of money or experience to become a real estate investor. There are various ways to become a real estate investor hassle-free and without any stress. Platforms such as Real Estate Crowdfunding by DiversyFund help you make this process easy and fun. The following are eight tips to keep in mind for all new real estate investors: 1. Find a good mortgage broker Or a bank in the area of interest if you are planning on financing. Contacting the National Association of Realtors is […]


Goshen Investment Update: June 2017

The Goshen Investment Update for June includes the achievement of an exciting milestone for this project. In the last few weeks, we received approval from the city on the combination inspection! Conquering this milestone means we have the city’s approval to continue onto the next phase of construction on the property. This inspection and its approval means that all framing, mechanical trades, windows, and doors were properly built and in accordance with approved. Having this approval allows us to close up the building’s walls as you can see in these pictures. We are now ready to begin installing exterior and interior finishing materials. Next step is drywall installation. Take a look at how beautiful this property looks now that we closed up the building’s walls. Goshen Investment Update: June 2017 from DiversyFund Moreover, remember that we have more and new investment properties available for investing. Visit our top deals page to continue […]


Deepak Chopra’s Wellness-Centric Homes are Changing The Real Estate Game

Deepak Chopra is a well-known alternative health guru. His expertise in health now brings focus to a new realm of luxury real estate. By teaming up with Property Markets Group and S2 Development, the team plans to create luxury wellness homes. Designed with an individual’s well-being in mind, the team plans to bring you wellness-centric homes. In an interview with Forbes Magazine, Chopra stated, “Biological living is the next revolution in real estate. This has been a long time in coming. Sleep patterns, breathing, color, light, movement, spatial flow, sound. These can all change our genome expression in the direction of good health and well-being. The wellness features and technologies that we are designing (into these residences) will enhance both the physical and emotional well-being of the homeowner.” While these wellness homes will first be built north of Miami, Florida, there are plans for more in the future. Plus, the demand for health keeps growing, so many developers will likely […]


CEO Craig Cecilio Joins Panel at FinTech Global Expo | May 28 in San Diego

On May 28th, Craig Cecilio, Founder/CEO of DiversyFund will speak as a panelist at “The Second Annual Fintech Global Expo 2015.” Here he will be discussing all things FinTech and Real Estate. Additionally, his focus will be on Real Estate Crowdfunding. For more information – CLICK HERE. There is no doubt that technology is revolutionizing every aspect of the financial services industry. Even more so, the market is taking notice in a big way! According to a recent Accenture study, worldwide venture capital investment in the fintech sector growing four times faster than overall venture capital investments in the last three years. Due to recent IPOs of Lending Club and Ondeck, increased API connectivity, mobile device proliferation and borrowers’ increased use of online platforms, many investors and consumers alike believe that 2015 will be the year that fintech comes of age. Topics Being Covered at FinTech Global Expo With so many changes occurring in […]


DiversyFund Joins Collision Conference | May 5 & 6 in Las Vegas

On May 5th and 6th 2015, DiversyFund joins the Collision Conference in Las Vegas, NV. There they will join key influences in the tech community in search of achieving their ultimate goal: disrupting the traditional way of real estate investing. Joining Industry Leaders at Collision Conference DiversyFund provides investors the opportunity for a diversified portfolio of high-quality, thoroughly-vetted, real estate investments opportunities. By making the process of investing simple, investors receive a transparent, real-time platform. Additionally, they are able to manage all of their real estate investment needs. “We want DiversyFund to be the catalyst for investor’s long-term investment goals,” said Craig Cecilio, Founder of DiversyFund. Since launching DiversyFund, they have raised the largest cumulative funding for residential real estate in California. Even more so, all of it was raised by a true crowd: retail investors. And they have successfully accomplished all of our initiatives without additional outside funding. “We are now opening […]


Executive Spotlight | Mike Greiner Joins Panel at Real Estate Crowdfunding Summit | May 28 in Los Angeles

Next month, Mike Greiner, Vice President of DiversyFund, will speak as a panelist at “Real Estate Crowdfunding Summit” on May 28th, 2015 in Los Angeles, CA. There he will be discussing the ins and outs of Real Estate Crowdfunding. For more information – CLICK HERE. First of all, iGlobal Forum is pleased to host the second annual Real Estate Crowdfunding Summit 2015. Here you will have the opportunity to meet the leading real estate crowdfunding thought leaders and experts, as well as hear them share their perspectives and stories within this amazingly fast-growing industry. With this interactive panel-driven conference, brings together the new breed of crowd investors and traditional investors, as well as the real estate developers and the crowdfunding marketplaces. Even more so, crowdfunding offers new capital options, new manners to enhance client relationships and new marketing opportunities. Additionally, it provides expansion into other areas of the world through the emergence of global real estate platforms, which allows […]


Executive Spotlight | Craig Cecilio Joins Panel at RealCap Event | April 16 in Chicago, IL

Presently, Craig Cecilio, Founder/CEO of DiversyFund, will speak as a panelist at “The 2015 RealCap Conference: Introducing Online Capital to Real Estate Entrepreneurs” in Chicago, IL. During the conference, he will be discussing “How Crowdfunding for Realty Works.”   For more information – CLICK HERE. Since Craig Cecilio will join a panel of some of the other leading Real Estate Crowdfunding platforms in the country, you can expect a hot topic discussion about getting projects funded online! Due to this, if you fix & flip homes, acquire multifamily or commercial properties, or are developing a ground up project, this is a must-attend conference. Most of all though, you will learn how to raise debt and equity through an online platform! Even more so, we are excited to continue our expansion and keep going to events after having a great time attending The REI Expo on January 24th in Dallas, TX. At any rate, the conference will […]


SV CrowdFunding Conference Recap

DiversyFund’s CEO and Founder, Craig Cecilio, is back from another successful Crowdfunding Conference as a panel member. With CrowdFundBeat putting on an amazing event at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, CA held on March 4th-5th. Entitled the Rise of Alternative Finance, 250 crowdfunding practitioners, executives, educators and investors attended. All that attended were seeking updated insights on the exponentially growing marketplace finance phenomenon. Keynote Speakers First, the program began with keynote talks by Tim Draper, venture capitalist and leading proponent of Bitcoin, Ron Suber, President of Prosper, a leading consumer marketplace platform, and the Richard Swart, from UC Berkeley and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. The three keynote speakers provided their perspective on current market conditions, especially relevant, was their unique insights on the mergers of technology and finance (FinTech), as well as Wall Street and Silicon Valley, and future direction. Panel Discussion Additionally, the conference included ten panels, discussing topics from small business […]


Executive Spotlight | Craig Cecilio Joins Panel at REI Expo | Jan 24 in Dallas, TX

Most noteworthy, Craig Cecilio, Founder/CEO of DiversyFund, will speak as a panelist at Real Estate Investors Expo (REI Expo). Furthermore, he will be discussing “The State of US Real Estate Crowdfunding.” For more information – CLICK HERE. Even more so, we are excited to start this year off with a bang! As a result, it will be the largest real estate investor conference of 2015. Additionally, the conference will be held January 24-25 in Dallas, TX and is hosted by Victoria Global Holdings with LDJ Capital and The Soho Loft Media Group. Conference Spotlight Real Estate Crowdfunding as a New Asset Class Institutional and Crowd Investors for Real Estate Strategies for the New Online Realty Capital Financing The Two Faces of Real Estate Crowdfunding: Debt & Equity Reshaping the Future of Financing and Real Estate A New Ecosystem: Innovations in Investor Communities New Markets: Cultural Shifts and Economic Trends Crowdfunding Compliance Guidelines Seems […]

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