Real Estate Cycles

During the last several years, we have seen real estate markets dramatically fall but then take an about-face with exceptional speed.  Other markets have returned to pre-2008 levels while some are still in recovery mode. After their first month in this New Year, the Dow Jones Industrial Average fell 5.2 percent while the S&P 500 declined 3.6 percent in January. This follows 2013 with double-digit gains for both. Especially notable is the market’s declines in the last week of January, which may have led some investors to scratch their heads as they think about 2014 investments. There could be a lot of confusion about where to invest their money. Investment Confusion Infuses Should they stay away from stocks? What about bonds?  Where should they invest? Help is on the way and one thought is prime real estate markets; they have recovered well as they were without exotic loans and areas. Other […]


What Will 2014 Hold?

The year 2013 may be coming to a close, but investors are already looking toward the New Year. Even more so, wondering what 2014 crowdfunding real estate will bring. While the last few months have been rife with uncertainty, the recent decision by the Federal Reserve to begin cutting monthly bond purchases may well be a strong indicator that the economy is starting to gather upward mobility. As we move into a New Year. U.S. shares have also begun to shift into record territory. While the Dow Jones industrial average saw an increase of 62.94 points, amounting to almost 0.40 percent with a record close at 16,357.55. Meanwhile, the S&P 500 saw a gain of 5.33 points, nearing 0.30 percent to find a record of 1,833.32. An additional 6.513 points were added to the Nasdaq Composite for a record finish of 4,155.417. Anticipations Exceeded Much of that transition was supported by […]


Economic Optimism Abounds in 2014

It looks like 2014 could inaugurate a new era of economic optimism in the US. Spurring on this positivity is the recent passage of a budget deal. After an almost default on government debt in 2011, a 16-day government shutdown in October, and absolute gridlock in Congress, a budget deal has finally passed and things are looking up. It looks like fear has finally been replaced by reason. Let’s take a look at all the things that are going well. Consumer Confidence Is Up It’s essential to remember that the consumer is the engine behind economic acceleration, driving more than 70% of GDP. Luckily, consumer confidence is on the rise and by all accounts, aforementioned confidence will continue to rise through 2014. Partly driving this increase in consumer confidence is a decline in consumer debt. The aggregate debt/disposable income ratio has dropped from 125% at the 2007 peak to 100%. […]

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