An Interesting Acknowledgement By Federal Reserve Governor, Jeremy C. Stein

The fact of the matter is that the fundamentals of “crowdfunding” are not new. In fact, the practice has been around for decades. That said, the recent rise of real estate crowdfunding platforms has generated equally strong opinions by supporters and critics. Jeremy C. Stein, the Federal Reserve Governor recently addressed the topic during a speech in Washington, D.C. We find Mr. Stein’s thoughts to be interesting and worthy of sharing with our community. Here’s the speech in its entirety: Acknowledged by Governor Jeremy C. Stein At the Crowdfunding for Community Development Finance Conference, Washington, D.C. Good morning. Let me start by welcoming everyone to the Federal Reserve. Today’s topic of crowdfunding for community development finance is an important and topical one. And, I want to thank you all for helping us think through the challenges and opportunities presented by this new technology. Especially, as it relates to raising funds for […]

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