Costebelle Investment Update: July 2017

This month’s Costebelle investment update brings the mechanical trades to substantial completeness! This is a huge step closer to closing up the walls with drywall and moving into the finish stage. Progress Continues on Costebelle Way Mechanical trades are 95% complete for the project. Plumbing HVAC and Electrical are all complete in the main house. Additionally, the accessory structures are also close to the last steps. Windows and doors were all delivered and installation is beginning on windows, as well as the large door frames. Moreover, we loaded the drywall into the house with a crane (video below). We are staging it for installation as soon as we obtain approval after the combo framing inspection. Our team is truly excited for the transition of this project into the finishing stage. We also ordered the elegant custom furniture package. At this point, it is all hands on deck as we race toward […]


Goshen Investment Update: June 2017

The Goshen Investment Update for June includes the achievement of an exciting milestone for this project. In the last few weeks, we received approval from the city on the combination inspection! Conquering this milestone means we have the city’s approval to continue onto the next phase of construction on the property. This inspection and its approval means that all framing, mechanical trades, windows, and doors were properly built and in accordance with approved. Having this approval allows us to close up the building’s walls as you can see in these pictures. We are now ready to begin installing exterior and interior finishing materials. Next step is drywall installation. Take a look at how beautiful this property looks now that we closed up the building’s walls. Goshen Investment Update: June 2017 from DiversyFund Moreover, remember that we have more and new investment properties available for investing. Visit our top deals page to continue […]


Balboa Investment Update: June 2017

This month’s Balboa investment update brings the second floor all framed out including the lower roofs. With that, the framers are currently setting the upper roof beams and getting ready to complete the structure. Additionally, delivery of the doors and window will be before the end of June. The mechanical trades are prepared to start on the house as soon as the framers wrap up their work. Progress Continues at Balboa Final selections and pricing are being made for the interior finishes. These will include a Thermador appliance package, high-end plumbing package, and a craftsman style wood trim package. Also, selections and accommodations are being made for the exterior finishes. There will be 5 different materials coming together to enhance the beauty of this 4000 square foot, modern, beach cottage on Coronado Island. Balboa Investment Update: June 2017 from DiversyFund


Monterey Investment Update: June 2017

This month’s Monterey investment update is all about the details. This month we were able to reach some significant milestones for this project. We bring you the latest details on the installation of the final ridge beams, roof joints and completion of the massive roof structure. Progress Continues at Monterey. We are setting the final structural beams and have begun framing the massive roof structure. Windows and doors are now onsite and are ready for installation as soon as the roof sheathing nailed down. Finish packages are in final negotiations with various high-end contractors in the local area. Simultaneously, with the door and window installations, rough trades will continue and run all piping and wiring throughout the structure to accommodate its vast living spaces. Take a look at the pictures for this month’s investment update and take a close look at all the details that are in place for this amazing house. […]


Costebelle Investment Update: June 2017

The Costebelle investment update for June brings you a close look at a world-class construction team as Roman James’ team works hard to create a beautiful home. Progress Continues in Costebelle Mechanical trades are close to 90% complete for the project. Installation of plumbing components is complete with rough-in shower and tub valves affixed to the walls. Additionally, the city set the new water meter and framing has moved on to the interiors of the accessory buildings. Next, electrical, HVAC and low voltage all have one more level to finish up in the main structure. Then, window and door openings will soon be prepped for the Fleetwood window and door installation. With the beams, joists, and hardware removed and reconfigured for the new open floor plan layout, it will better showcase the property’s stunning ocean views. The wine cellar has been measured for final install once drywall is hung. The courtyard […]


Felspar Investment Update: June 2017

This month’s investment update for Felspar brings progress on the sub-grade and foundation preparation to completion. In addition to this, the grading and major utility work is complete, as well as the building pads certified to accept the new structures. Construction Continues at Felspar Progress on Felspar continues to move forward as the foundation contractor has begun work on the front unit. Surveyors will soon be out to establish building corners for the back unit. This will allow the foundation work to forward simultaneously on both units. There is also a masonry crew beginning to dig foundation for the retaining wall that splits the two building pads. Subcontractor pricing is coming in on target for the major trades and we will begin to make interior finish selections in the weeks to come. Felspar Investment Update: June 2017 from DiversyFund


Goshen Investment Update: May 2017

This month’s Goshen investment update brings the gas lines now routed to the final connection point per SDG&E’s direction. Additionally, all rough mechanical trades are now complete for the two new units (1265 A & B), and by the 15th of May, the building inspector will grant approval to wrap the house and hang drywall. In addition, installation of the exterior doors and windows is complete. Also, scaffolding is up and ready for stucco and the existing unit (1261) has bath and shower tile complete with vanities in place, as well as fully installed carpentry that is ready for paint. As we near completion of the Goshen investment, the kitchen cabinets will be in within the next week. Shortly after this, the installation of the countertops will follow. Our target completion date is set for July 7th, 2017. Goshen: May 2017 from DiversyFund


Investment Update: Felspar April 2017

With this month’s investment update, 2112 Felspar is basically a blank canvas. Investment Update: Demolition Since the demolition work is nearly complete, we are moving into utility infrastructure and grading/site prep. Additionally, the temporary power installation is complete. Plus, the SDG&E is finally out of our construction crew’s way. from DiversyFund Preparations for Felspar Even more so, this property is ready for the construction of two beautiful new homes. With the lot consolidation and condominium map process initialized, we have submitted it to the city for final review. After approval, our team will make great progress on the Felspar property.


Investment Project Update: Goshen Street – March 2017

This month’s investment project update on the Goshen Street property shows construction is moving right along! With all rough plumbing, electrical, HVAC and fire sprinklers complete for the two new units, Goshen is moving along in construction as we bring you this month’s investment project update. Now, that the existing unit, 1261 Goshen, is complete through drywall, including the installation of all exterior doors and windows. Additionally, the front deck for the property is now complete. Finally, the cabinets and interior finish carpentry are ordered with expected deliveries throughout this month. Getting Ready to Hang Dry Wall & More On the two units located at 1265 A & B Goshen, a roof membrane has been installed, as well as exterior doors and windows being ordered. Furthermore, the exterior doors and window will install this month. Since this gives us the ability to insulate walls, we will be able to wrap the exterior […]


Investment Project Update: Monterey, CA – March 2017

This month’s investment project update on the Monterey, CA property includes a lot of fun walls! Although weather conditions continue to put a threat on our timeline, we are still bringing you the investment project update for March. We continue to have great progress on this property. Some great steps were taken between our update in February. Now, we have all walls in place, so let us show you. Take a look at the latest video and images of everything that is happening in Monterey, CA. Tilting up the walls To begin this process, still-plates are first set on the concrete floor. Once in place, the studs (vertical walls) get attached to the still-plates.  This is usually done on the ground and then the walls are tilted up into place as you can see. You are able to see the openings where the windows and doors sit. Additionally, here you […]