Fundrise IPO Over-Subscribed | Crowdfunding Real Estate Hits New Highs

Top platforms make headlines fast as crowdfunding real estate investment platforms quickly take off. From low investment fees to the new Fundrise self crowdfunding IPO, real estate crowdfunding platforms want you to know something. Investing in real estate is actually really simple. Crowdfunding real estate platforms aren’t the only ones making waves in the real estate community either. Renowned wellness guru, Deepak Chopra announced his new wellness-centric homes near Miami, Florida recently. Expected to gain popularity quickly, these homes could become available as crowdfunding investment opportunities as demand grows. Fundrise IPO Interest Continues to Grow The real estate community rapidly adapts to new trends and the needs of millennial investors as interest in real estate investing grows. Clearly shown in the recent announcement regarding Fundrise’s self-crowdfunding Reg A+ IPO becoming over-subscribed. Their Class B Common Stock originally meant for 2 million investors is now at 3 million investors. Even more so, the interest continues to grow rapidly. Fundrise sets out to raise […]

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