From The Average Joe To Becoming a Pro at Investing in Real Estate

The Average Joe, Where to Begin? If you wanted to start investing in real estate, how would you do it? Would you drive around your local neighborhoods looking for homes to flip? Would you call a financial advisor to lock away a lump sum in a REIT? Chances are you probably don’t know where to start, and that’s because the typical investor has never had a straightforward way to participate in real estate investments. Craig Cecilio and Alan Lewis have almost 40 years of combined real estate experience. With backgrounds in residential real estate and investment banking, respectively, they bring with them the knowledge needed to be successful in the real estate world. Throughout their careers, they both realized that the dilemma of getting started in real estate investing is commonplace among the retail investor, as there has never been an easy way to gain access to quality alternative asset investments. […]


Monterey Investment Property Update – February 2018

The Monterey Investment Property Update is here! Monterey Investment Property Update February 2018 In the last month, batts for roof tile were installed, improvements were made to soils at the driveway area (per soils engineer recommendation), and the fire line was installed, as required by the fire department. The design team is working on giving us at least 2 options for each trade so we can make the design selections. Projected completion: Summer 2018. Monterey Investment Property Update – February 2018 from DiversyFund We invite you to visit our investments page and learn more about our current investment options. Happy Investing!


Costebelle Investment Property Update February 2018

The Costebelle Investment Property Update brings you a closer look at the final touches in this property! Costebelle Investment Property Update February 2018 As you can see in this month’s pictures, a great selection of furniture and fixtures gives this house a modern and clean look. Roman James and his team are putting the final touches on the property so it can go on the market. Projected completion: Imminent Costebelle Investment Property Update February 2018 from DiversyFund Finally, we are inviting all our investors to Follow this link and learn more about our current investment options. Happy Investing!


How We Keep Our Investors’ Personal Information Secure Online

Being that security is a top concern for our investors, we make it our top priority at all times. Developing an online platform that involves personal data and financial information is a challenge in many ways. While the participation process must be flawless for the user, the user’s private information must also remain secure. At DiversyFund, we knew this from the moment we decided to create a vertically integrated platform for real estate crowdfunding investments. We knew that customers’ personal and financial information needed the right set of security tools to try to avoid the data breaches that seem to be very common in this day and age. This is why we have integrated a number of security measures into our platform, which strives to protect our investors’ confidential information. What systems are in place to keep my information secure? To start, our platform is fully encrypted with an SSL (secure […]


DiversyFund Success In 2017 & The Income Fund Anniversary

Stunning Projects & Value Growth DiversyFund, a crowdfunding real estate investment platform, continues to establish itself as a leader and disruptor in the real estate development industry. Now that 2018 is well underway, we are eager to recap 2017. To start off, all of our projects that are under development and near completion have a completed value of over $100 million. Furthermore, we are witnessing an impressive investor growth. Most notably, DiversyFund will celebrate the 5-year anniversary of The Income Fund, a Multi-Property Investment Opportunity in March. Are you interested in learning more about our investment opportunities? Read below to learn more in detail. A Recap of 2017 In 2017, DiversyFund surpassed a $100 million in completed value in commercial and residential real estate developments. DiversyFund’s team of in-house experts successfully manage 3 developments. Balboa located in Coronado, CA, Costebelle in La Jolla, CA and Goshen located near the University of […]


Costebelle Investment Property Update – January 2018

We are getting very close to completion in Costebelle! The Costebelle investment property is looking amazing and is almost there! With the elevator installation complete, we are ready for Roman James’ custom-made furniture and art to arrive the last week of the month. The landscape crew is working on their final touches and the cabinet drawer fronts are being put in place. Then the house will be ready for private showings! Projected completion: Imminent Costebelle Investment Property Update – Jan 2018 from DiversyFund  


Achieve Your New Year’s Financial Resolutions with Crowdfunding Real Estate Investments

Starting the New Year with new Financial Resolutions? So are we! When January comes, we welcome the new year with feelings of hope and the anticipation of new adventures. We also establish goals to improve ourselves during the new year. Many people set goals for their fitness, eating habits and personal growth. Many of us also set financial resolutions and goals to achieve during the new year. Improving your financial habits includes several elements, including budgeting, building a strong savings account, paying off debt, investing for the future and planning for retirement. Investing for the future is one of the things we know best at DiversyFund, so we’d like to give you a hand with this new year’s resolution. One way to improve your financial picture is by diversifying your investment portfolio through the addition of alternative investments such as real estate. Here are some tips to get you started: […]


Costebelle Investment Update – December 2017

We are wrapping up the year with a great Investment Update for our Costebelle Property. During the last month, the General Contractor worked hard on the exterior of the house: site drainage, concrete flatwork, and BBQ area. HVAC equipment was installed, the tile was grouted and SDG&E is working on the paperwork for the gas meter. Wood flooring and baseboards are now installed throughout the house and countertops are fully complete. Cabinet drawers and hardware will go in next week. The garage elevator should be finished next week and we expect the house elevator’s cab to finally arrive so that installation can be completed before the New Year! Completion of this beautiful home is just around the corner.  


Goshen Investment Update – December 2017

This month we’ve been putting the finishing touches on the Goshen property. This month we’ve been putting the finishing touches on the existing house, including garage door installation, framing the master bedroom balcony railing, and grass installation. Utilities were processed this month with SDG&E and the City of San Diego public utilities. We’re now waiting for SDG&E to connect meters and backfill and for the subcontractor to connect water from the property to the street. This includes a re-do of the sidewalks, street and driveway. We are almost there!    

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