8 Questions Every Millennial Needs To Ask When Buying Investment Property

We keep hearing that millennials are the future of everything. Everything they do today will impact our world tomorrow. Millennials may be under the impression that they are not capable of buying investment property. However, thanks to crowdfunding, millennials can join thousands of other investors who aren’t ready to invest large amounts either. Crowdfunding allows young investors to invest like season investors do. Having the option to start investing in low initial fees, opens a whole new world of possibilities. Knowing that you aren’t alone in your investment, also grants new opportunities for these young investors Every one of their actions has an equal and opposite reaction, and that includes buying investment property. Most of us from the older generations already have a “been there, done that” way of looking at things. Our involvement with real estate investments came about more the old-fashioned way. And, the old-fashioned way worked for us […]


Monterey Investment Update: November 2017

The new General Contractor team is doing an outstanding job on site. All of the framing and roofing issues needed to pass inspection are nearly complete. Roofing has been sheeted and roof materials have been ordered. Moreover, the interior design team is working on finalizing the interior design package. Windows and exterior doors are going to be installed soon. Finally, enjoy the following pictures showing progress on the Monterey Investment Property. We include a  sneak preview of the final rendering of this house:    


Crowdfunding Real Estate and Socially Responsible Investing

Today many investors don’t just want to make money, they want to have a positive impact on society and support causes important to them. Socially Responsible Investing Then and Now Socially responsible investing used to mean avoiding controversial firms. Generally, companies in industries such as tobacco, alcohol or firearms. Investors often paid a price for their convictions, through higher fees, lower returns, or both. Over time, the category has become known as Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Investing, to incorporate issues such as gender diversity, board accountability, and environmental degradation. As investor demand for ESG products has grown, portfolio managers are increasingly considering ESG issues when making investment decisions. Today’s investor can choose from among many mutual funds and ETFs that incorporate ESG guidelines in their stock selection. But did you know real estate investments can reflect your values, too? How to incorporate ESG investing into your portfolio with Real […]


Investors Appreciation Night at DiversyFund’s Downtown San Diego Office

After weeks of planning and preparation, At DiversyFund, we celebrated our investors! We wanted the opportunity to show our appreciation to current and potential investors by holding an Investors Appreciation Evening.  Investors and guests enjoyed wine, cheese, conversation and were able to enjoy an exclusive preview of one of our current projects. In the midst of the mingling amongst attendees, our partner, architect Roman James, real estate agent, Seth O’Byrne, along with CEO, Craig Cecilio, and CIO, Alan Lewis, gave a full presentation of the Granito project. This property is located in the Hollywood Hills projected to be completed in a little over a year. A wonderful evening for our investors and our team! Around six in the evening, slowly but surely, guest started to arrive. Some traveling right after work, others from cities near and far. Soon after, guests were called in to gather in the conference room as […]


Costebelle Investment Update: October 2017

We are getting close to the finish line! This amazing project in La Jolla is starting to become more and more real. Large slabs of materials are installed in the bathroom walls and flooring is nearly completed. Countertops and cabinets will be installed soon. Outside improvements have been started and they are looking fabulous! Take a look at this month’s pictures and get inspired.  


Goshen Investment Update: October 2017

Countertops are complete, bathroom accessories and interior handrails are installed and all hardwood floor areas are done. The existing retaining wall was waterproofed. The landscape drainage and new retaining wall between existing house and Unit 1 are now finished. Concrete forms on the garages and common areas are ready to be poured. We purchased furniture for this house and expect delivery later this month. Certificates of occupancy should be issued shortly thereafter. Our sales strategy is to furnish and rent the property. Thereafter,  we will sell it as a cash-flowing investment property, the highest and best use of the property. This strategy is in place to command the maximum sales price.


Are Real Estate Investment Funds A Smart Option For You?

Real estate investment funds have been around for a few years now, yet they are becoming a great alternative for investors. Hence, to answer this question, we would like to go over a full review about investment funds, what they are, how they work, and how you may benefit from them. What Is an Investment Fund? An investment fund is a source of capital that belongs to multiple investors. It gets used to buy securities together while each investor holds proprietorship and control of their own shares. An investment fund delivers a bigger range of investment prospects, expert supervision, and fewer investment fees, or none in some cases. Different types of investment funds include, but are not limited to: mutual funds, exchange-traded funds, money market funds, and hedge funds. Having such a vehicle that allows you to bring together related and unrelated investors, allows you to raise capital in a […]


Millennial Investors Are Changing the Real Estate Investment Game

Millennials currently make up one-third of the United State’s population. As they shift into their professional careers, they continue to rapidly change the way we conduct business every day. Growing-up millennials quickly had more information at their fingertips than the previous generation ever imagined possible. After all, this generation is the first to not recall a time before the Internet. Since technology has always been a part of their lives, many rely heavily on it for just about everything. While research shows that millennials still hold many of the same values as previous generations, it also shows that most are holding off until later on. From getting married to purchasing a home, millennials just aren’t ready yet. In a time where millennials watched the unemployment rate continue to grow and wages sit at a standstill, most defer major life decisions until feeling fully comfortable. But, what about investments? Well, research continues to show that […]


8 Tips for Real Estate Investors

Did you know that in a world of experienced real estate investors you don’t have to be an expert to invest? It is a known fact that most of the wealthy people are among Real Estate Investors. This is why everyone should invest in real estate due to the reliability of this industry. The good news is that in these times, you don’t have to have tons of money or experience to become a real estate investor. There are various ways to become a real estate investor hassle-free and without any stress. Platforms such as Real Estate Crowdfunding by DiversyFund help you make this process easy and fun. The following are eight tips to keep in mind for all new real estate investors: 1. Find a good mortgage broker Or a bank in the area of interest if you are planning on financing. Contacting the National Association of Realtors is […]