Investment Project Update: Monterey, CA – March 2017

This month’s investment project update on the Monterey, CA property includes a lot of fun walls! Although weather conditions continue to put a threat on our timeline, we are still bringing you the investment project update for March. We continue to have great progress on this property. Some great steps were taken between our update in February. Now, we have all walls in place, so let us show you. Take a look at the latest video and images of everything that is happening in Monterey, CA. Tilting up the walls To begin this process, still-plates are first set on the concrete floor. Once in place, the studs (vertical walls) get attached to the still-plates.  This is usually done on the ground and then the walls are tilted up into place as you can see. You are able to see the openings where the windows and doors sit. Additionally, here you […]

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