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In an effort to provide our investors with all the materials they need to make an educated investment decision we provide company updates, industry news & learning materials sourced by our talented content and marketing teams.

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Why You Need Defensive Investments In Your Portfolio

Investing in Real Estate

Why You Need Defensive Investments In Your Portfolio

As the leader of your financial destiny, it’s just as important to invest money as it is to save it. Otherwise, inflation will eat away at the value of your hard-earned money. By investing a portion of your salary each and every month, you are building future wealth. However, it is natural for investing to…

4 Ways To Catch-up On Your Retirement Savings
  • Financial Freedom 101

4 Ways To Catch-up On Your Retirement Savings

Ah, the daunting thought of saving for retirement. Am I on track? Will I have enough? Will it last long enough? These are all questions everyone needs to address and plan for. While, ideally, these questions should be addressed sooner rather than later, there a few ways to play catch-up and boost below-average retirement savings….

DiversyFund Gets A Facelift
  • Company Updates

DiversyFund Gets A Facelift

Over the last few months here at DiversyFund we’ve been working hard to bring the best user experience to our investors.  It’s been a long road, but we’ve given our website a facelift and optimized our customer journey! As the Director of Product Development I made it a point to make this my focus –…

How Tech Changed Real Estate Investing
  • Investing in Real Estate

How Tech Changed Real Estate Investing

Technology is an ever-evolving mechanism allowing the world of real estate investing to become more accessible. With technological advances, we’ve seen the evolution of an industry that was once very timely, costly, and exclusive open itself up to the everyday investor. Read on to see the role tech has played in putting real estate into…

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Common Investment Questions

What is crowdfunding real estate?

To start, crowdfunding is a new tool, which is utilized to raise money for businesses via the power of the crowd. By offering lower entry fees to a larger number of investors, these businesses are successfully launching their next big project.

Furthermore, until recently real estate investments were only available to those with the necessary private equity. This in itself made investing in real estate seem impossible for many individuals.

However, once the Jumpstart Our Business Startups Act of 2012 changed some rules under Regulation D, many doors opened for the real estate industry. Most notably, the ability to utilize crowdfunding to gather funding for investments. Today, investors of all kinds can easily start investing in real estate with as little as $2,500 via crowdfunding real estate platforms.

How are funds transferred to DiversyFund?

Generally, you transfer funds via ACH to DiversyFund when investing. This can be done via your investor portal on our website or with your investment advisor via telephone.

How do you safeguard my personal information?

When it comes to your personal information, DiversyFund takes many precautions to ensure your information is always secure. We can address any specific concerns via private communication, for security reasons.

How does DiversyFund pre-vet investments?

Each investment that is presented to DiversyFund undergoes a rigorous pre-vetting process. During this process, our team thoroughly analyzes the area’s market to ensure the opportunity is the right choice for our investors.

Why do you need my Social Security number and date of birth?

As an investor, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) require that we collect this information, so we can properly report your earnings. Additionally, you will receive forms at the end of each year, which should be filed with your annual tax return.

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Key Glossary Terms


Equity is the value an asset holds minus the value of any liabilities on that specific asset.

Investment Property

An investment property is any real estate property which the primary reason for purchase is to generate a return on the investment.

Passive Income

An individual earns passive income when not actively involved in the investment, such as a rental property.

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