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Recreating Your User Experience

Since our last update, we’ve been busy focusing on making the ultimate user experience for our investors. Taking your feedback and optimizing our processes to develop a portal that delivers a seamless investing experience and provides the information YOU need, right on your dashboard. Not to mention, we’ve been steadily building out our team here at DiversyFund to focus on acquiring exclusive real estate assets and to deliver an online experience like never before. We all agree we are building something special here, so don’t waste any more time, join us at DiversyFund and make the investment of a lifetime.

Enhanced Dashboard, Investment Flow & Added Tools

Info-rich Dashboard

  • You’ll notice a redesigned dashboard with all your investment information as well as the opportunity to review our company and investment updates in the news feed below – look out for added categories to your news feed section in the coming months!
  • Additionally, we’ve recreated your investment experience with added functionality for easier investing.

Tools to Tote – Including LIVE CHAT

  • As promised, we’ve added a tool so you can securely give access into your portal to those you choose. Whether it be a financial advisor, asset manager or a loved one, you will now be able to create a unique password for them and manage those users from within your profile.
  • Additionally, we’ve made customer service a priority and now LIVE CHAT is here! We will provide live support to all website visitors and current investors during our normal business hours.  Do not hesitate to reach out to us with any questions or comments.  As always, we appreciate any and all feedback.

What’s To Come

  • As promised, we will be providing a feature for our investors to schedule automated investments.  This will be delivered on the heels of our platform redesign, so keep a look out!
  • Also, we are currently in the process of integrating an IRA investment platform that leverages high-quality tech solutions to help facilitate investments within our portal.
  • Want a more in-depth analysis of the assets within our fund? Exclusively for our members, we will be delivering a thorough overview of each property within the Real Estate Portfolio and keeping you up to date with all the news on your investments.

We hope you find these updates to be helpful and only enhance your experience with DiversyFund.  We’re always excited to help our investors on their road to financial freedom.  So please, keep investing, even tell you’re friends about us and we will continue to strive to make DiversyFund your premier investor portal.

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