DiversyFund gets FIT

FIT Athletic Club is a high-end gym & health club with multiple locations scattered around the greater San Diego area. As of September 2015, DiversyFund will now enjoy the club as a corporate member. Craig Cecilio, Founder/CEO of DiversyFund, is a long time health enthusiast and is bringing this enthusiasm to the company culture. Whether it is yoga, cross fit, equipment training, spinning, or more, the club provides the diversification (no pun intended) for any kind of workout you want. You can even lay by the pool and hear cheers coming from PetCo Park next door while the Padres play!

No pictures of the team yet, but anticipate some photos in the near future during the club’s happy hour. Yes, there’s a bar too!

DiversyFund stays FIT DiversyFund stays FIT DiversyFund stays FIT DiversyFund stays FIT


Moreover, it is important for our CEO that our team follows a healthy lifestyle, and a good gym membership is a great and encouraging tool. He chose FIT Athletic Club because it is more than just a gym. It’s a lifestyle brand that promotes healthy and inspired living. They offer the best trainers, group classes, equipment, facilities, perks and parties in the region.

Why is corporate fitness important?

  1. The team can achieve higher levels of awareness essential to success.
  2. Multiple chronic diseases can be prevented with the proper exercise and nutrition.
  3. It boosts up creativity and happiness at the workplace.
  4. Exercise also inspires new ideas and helps team members find effective solutions
  5. When it comes to healthcare cost, it keeps the costs low and reduces the number of sick-day leaves.
  6. It brings the team together and creates an environment where all team members feel motivated and are willing to do their best work.

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