This month’s investment project update on the Goshen Street property shows construction is moving right along! With all rough plumbing, electrical, HVAC and fire sprinklers complete for the two new units, Goshen is moving along in construction as we bring you this month’s investment project update. Now, that the existing unit, 1261 Goshen, is complete through drywall, including the installation of all exterior doors and windows. Additionally, the front deck for the property is now complete. Finally, the cabinets and interior finish carpentry are ordered with expected deliveries throughout this month. Getting Ready to Hang Dry Wall & More On the two units located at 1265 A & B Goshen, a roof membrane has been installed, as well as exterior doors and windows being ordered. Furthermore, the exterior doors and window will install this month. Since this gives us the ability to insulate walls, we will be able to wrap the exterior […]

This month’s La, Jolla, CA investment project update brings us closer to beginning construction With the contract almost complete and signed, this month’s investment project update brings us excitement! As this one of a kind dream home designed by renowned designer, Roman James, will be under construction in no time! Roman James Design for Costebelle This luxury home will bring Roman’s immaculate design and finishes to the San Diego market for the first time ever. As you can see with the infinity pool and relaxing back patio design, this home is sure to create a unique ambience. Then, the “hers” master bath, which showcases a modern tub and shower, along with a large and sleek vanity. Of course, from the front of the home, you will be able to see through to the backyard. Even more so, the look of the wood surrounding the door really gives it that signature look. Within the kitchen, […]

The following is an Investment Project Update for all current and future investors of our Balboa Avenue, Coronado, California property. March 2017 Diversyfund knows how important it is to have the perfect location for your real estate investment. The Coronado property is no exception to this rule. Being walking distance from the beach and only a few steps away from the amazing Sea ‘N Air Golf club, this is an opportunity you can’t miss. Clearing As you can see, we cleared away the trees from our building site. We are doing the necessary rough grading, and we are staking the house location in preparation for installation of the footings, foundation, and pipes. Excavation Moreover, we started the excavation process to install all the proper equipment underground. Erosion control Finally, we are taking all the proper precautions to prevent the runoff from your cleared land from carrying mud to adjacent roads and property. […]

This month’s investment project update: Felspar is off and running! To all of our Felspar investors, the progress we are seeing at this property is amazing. Let’s go over the details for this month’s investment project update.   Getting the ground ready The pool was demolished, filled in, and dirt compacted. The field is ready. Moreover, we received authorized inspections, and now we have a suitable area to build the new extensions for this house. Demolition Moreover, we mobilized the demolition. We began on the two existing structures and we will move onto underground utilities and foundation work before the end of the first quarter this year. One house. 2 Owners Concurrently with construction, we are processing a condominium lot split to legally entitle the new dwelling units for separate ownership. What is next? Finally, we completed the topographic survey. We will submit the new Map for completeness review by the end […]

Although there are many ways to invest for your future, let us go over the many advantages in crowdfunding investments. Everyone agrees that you need to have investment options in order to make sure your retirement will be solvent. Even if you have a great salary you need to not only put away part of it, but also invest it in order to make enough money to retire. Crowdfunding continues to gain strength in a world full of investment choices. It is used for different types of investments, and these have many advantages. Nonetheless, let’s go over the real estate crowdfunding investment advantages. Being that one of the safest investments is real estate, crowdfunding investments include a few advantages like no other. Typically, the value of a property increases over time. However, the cost of a property is a barrier to entering this field for many potential investors. Thus, real […]