Earlier this month, Massolution, the sister company of crowdsourcing.org, announced the release of its comprehensive 2015CF-RE Crowdfunding for Real Estate report. The company is known as a leading research and advisory firm specializing in crowdsourcing and crowdfunding solutions for private, public and social enterprises. Even more so, the report provided by then gave us the first ever detailed look at the crowdfunding real estate industry. Additionally, the 158-page report features data on the exponential growth of real estate crowdfunding, as well as the emergence of specialized real estate crowdfunding platforms. Lastly, it features how this revolutionary new method of real estate finance and investment is disrupting this class of assets. Top Findings in Real Estate Crowdfunding Industry Report: Real estate crowdfunding grew 156% in 2014. With campaigns ranging in size from less than $100,000 to over $25 million, the industry broke the $1 billion mark. In 2014, North America stood as the largest […]

What are the different types of CrowdFunding? In order to start investing through Crowdfunding platforms, let us go over the four different types of CrowdFunding: Donation CrowdFunding Giving, for nothing in return. This is exactly what it sounds like. A donor’s contributions go towards some type of charitable cause that they would like to support. There are no monetary returns in this type of CrowdFunding. Hence, a donor’s reward is the feeling you get from doing something good and maybe a tax write-off. Donation CrowdFunding is popular for social causes, charities, individuals, non-profits, and political campaigns. Rewards CrowdFunding A donation gets you something promised in advance. Contributions to a Rewards-based CrowdFunding campaign get something tangible in return. Reward CrowdFunding is similar to Donation CrowdFunding, however, people receive a reward in return for their contribution. The rewards investors receive are non-monetary and usually include an opportunity to pre-order the product that’s being […]