Due diligence is the defining factor that could make or break your credibility as an investment firm; and yet it’s one of the hardest aspects of real estate investing. “Out of 100 deals that come in the door, the underwriting team approves less than 5%,” states Craig Cecilio, Founder of DiversyFund.  “Although our jobs as asset managers is to ensure investors yield compounded returns by getting their money working all the time, our number one priority is to conduct a rigorous process and in some ways marry the deal to really understand it’s true purpose.” The Catch 22 For investors, the due diligence process is incredibly timely; so much so, that there’s a chance that they can miss a potentially great deal all together. In most cases, investors who need about a week to do their own due diligence will not be able to invest by the close date. For those looking […]