It’s very likely that you have heard of the crowdfunding model and how it’s being incorporated across multiple industries in the U.S. By visiting DiversyFund or any other real estate crowdfunding platform, chances are you are doing a bit of research on how the concept is taking the real estate industry by storm. In essence, crowdfunding is merely a new term to describe real estate syndication, which is a 20th-century model. Hence, the model was used to support investors and firms that work side-by-side to diversify their portfolio across different asset classes. During last month’s “Silicon Valley Meets Crowdfunding” conference, hosted by CrowdFundBeat, an interesting panel discussion took place. This panel featured 3 founders/CEOs: David Manshoory of Asset Avenue, Carlo Tabibi of Patch of Land, and Jillienne Helman of RealtyMogul. Moreover, the panel offered an interesting and informative discussion around the crowdfunding model, perceptions around it, and the projections on […]