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  • Forget Being a Landlord, You Can Invest in Real Estate Online

    Have you ever wished you could invest in real estate but didn’t know where to start? You may think the only way is to own properties, but did you know that you can invest in real estate online? Predating modern stock markets, investing in real estate is one of the oldest forms of investing and is one of the five basic asset classes that every... READ MORE
  • 4 Ways to Make Extra Money Through Real Estate Investing

    Are you always looking for ways to make extra money through smart investments? Have you ever considered real estate? Recent stock market volatility has caused many investors to reevaluate their portfolios. Markets have been especially frustrating for investors seeking passive income who have been limited by the lack of satisfactory choices... READ MORE
  • Diversification is Something You Should Do Now. Here’s Why.

    Diversification is just a fancy name for the saying: “don't put all of your eggs in one basket.” Diversification is when you invest in many securities, and most investment professionals agree that diversification is the most important component of reaching long-range financial goals while minimizing risk. What is a portfolio? Investors refer to... READ MORE
  • Hard Work Will Not Help You Build Wealth. Here’s 3 Steps That Will

    Do you want to make more money, build wealth, and live comfortably? If your answer is yes, read on. While many of us have jobs, freelance, or started businesses, a lot of us are also still living paycheck to paycheck and are figuring out how to take things to the next level and start to build wealth. Income is not wealth If you need to “work”... READ MORE
  • Rule of 72 and the Power of Compounding Interest

    Have you ever wondered how long it would take to double your money? The timeframe could be anywhere from a few years to most of your lifetime, depending on the rate of return you’re earning. That brings us to the “Rule of 72.” What is the Rule of 72? The rule of 72 is a quick and easy way to estimate how long it will take to double your money at... READ MORE
  • [Webinar] How to target a 10X return like a Venture Capitalist

    In this webinar, DiversyFund Co-Founder & Chief Investment Officer, Alan Lewis will teach you how to invest like a VC. He shares insider tips from his Wall Street career as both a corporate lawyer and an investment banker working for clients like Goldman Sachs and top VC firms. He uncovers the ONE core strategy you can use to invest like a... READ MORE
  • Disrupting Traditional Real Estate Investing – Interview by EPN

    Our CEO, Craig Cecilio, on the disrupting force of crowdfunding that is democratizing traditional real estate investing. An interview with the Entrepreneur Podcast Network, EPN. Click here to listen to this interview. You’re listening to EPN, the e-Podcast Network. Welcome to Enterprise Radio, the signature show of EPN, the Entrepreneur... READ MORE
  • The Real Estate Way to Wealth and Freedom Podcast

    Welcome to The Real Estate Way to Wealth and Freedom podcast, with Jacob Ayers. Providing actionable content to help you along your journey to financial freedom through real estate investing. As the premier asset class, real estate has helped ordinary people just like you amass fortunes. The benefits of passive income from real estate investing... READ MORE
  • Investor Growth & Growing Account Team

    Investor and Company Growth In 2017, DiversyFund had many successes and achievements. We surpassed $100 million in completed value in commercial and residential real estate developments. Additionally, the public and media continue to recognize our unique approach to alternative investing. For example, our CEO & Founder, Craig Cecilio, was... READ MORE

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