Investment Property Update: Goshen April 2017

Goshen’s property update brings you major progress with all rough mechanical trades complete for the two new units.

Existing Unit Property Update

First of all, the existing unit, 1261 Goshen, is complete all the way through drywall. This includes the installation of all exterior doors and windows. Additionally, installation of the interior doors with trim is complete, as well as tile work beginning in the shower and bathrooms. Furthermore, finish carpentry is ongoing with cabinets, which are to be delivered in the next week.

Both Units Property Update

Even more so, the two new units, 1265 A & B Goshen, exterior doors and windows are installed and scaffolding is being erected for stucco. With this, we gain the ability to insulate walls, wrap the exterior and hang drywall. Of course, the 1265 unit will catch up quickly to the existing unit with interior finishes.

Nearing Completion

Our target completion date is June 9th 2017.