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Crowdfunding! An Alternate Funding Option for Your Startup
Crowdfunding is becoming an alternate financing solution for startups and creative projects.Some experts estimate that crowdfunding could overtake funding from venture capital in the year 2016.

March 3, 2016


DiversyFund Users Fund Mavrix Group’s $3.1 Million Equity Investment Offering For La Jolla Property

Through DiversyFund’s crowdfunding platform, The Mavrix Group was able to raise $1.055 million to renovate a 6 bed / 7.5 bath property that sits on a 20,495 Sq ft. lot in La Jolla, CA. Investors will receive a preferred return and a percentage of the profits expected to exceed 20%.

February 18, 2015


The First 50 Real Estate Crowdfunding Platforms
The platforms fill developers’ capital needs in a predictable and dynamic manner, make opportunities straightforward and rewarding for investors, and effect transactions in an easy and accessible manner.

September 15, 2014


Rapid Growth of Realty Crowdfunding Platforms in the US
Crowdfunding has completely transformed the way developers fund their real estate projects in the US. This has enabled more “crowd”, who could not meet the previous investment requirements, to participate in investing because the industry is now more transparent, efficient and accessible.

June 10, 2014

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