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About Us

We give all Americans the ability to build long-term wealth like the 1%. We help them diversify their investments beyond stocks and bonds, unlocking the doors to alternative investments like commercial real estate.

"Our mission is to disrupt traditional alternative asset investing and empower the average investor by giving them the same wealth-building opportunities available to the 1%"

- Craig Cecilio

Our Founders

Prior to founding DiversyFund, Craig worked over 20 years raising and managing over $500 Million in assets. Through these deals, Craig realized the traditional ways of raising money for real estate projects were archaic and excluded the everyday investor. As he watched the rich get richer, he wondered how he could include the everyday investor into these opportunities.

Alan earned his law degree from Columbia and spent nearly a decade working as a corporate lawyer and investment banker on Wall Street. He then transitioned to real estate development when he joined JF Capital in Salt Lake City in 2014, focusing on multi-family and master-planned residential developments.

In 2016, Craig Cecilio and Alan Lewis officially started DiversyFund. They leveraged tech and new crowdfunding laws to turn their vision into reality.

Meet The Team

Our story


The idea was born

After years of making money for others the traditional way, Craig saw how the rich kept getting richer. In 2014, Craig decided there has to be a way to break the cycle and came up with the idea that eventually became DiversyFund. He wanted to open up wealth-building opportunities to all Americans, no matter their status in life.

MAY 2015

Open to all

An amendment was made to The Jumpstart Our Business Startups (JOBS) Act that allowed companies like DiversyFund to open up investments to everyone. This was a huge step in allowing everyone to invest online.


Partnering with the right people

Craig partnered with Alan Lewis to formally start DiversyFund. With Alan’s corporate securities background as a corporate lawyer and investment banker on Wall Street, he and Craig share the same mission of democratizing investing for everyone.


Laying the groundwork

We laid the groundwork to build the company we envisioned. It took a lot of time and effort getting our seed round then Series A funded, building a brand, building the team, getting SEC Qualified, getting our platform built.


SEC Qualified

DiversyFund was qualified by the SEC to make our Growth REIT available to everyone. Being SEC-qualified requires DiversyFund to disclose important financial and management information. With regular audits, investors can remain informed on all aspects of their investment.

APRIL 2019

Platform Launch

We fully launched our investment platform, allowing individuals to invest in a portfolio of commercial real estate for $2,500.

JUNE 2019

Open to all

We got SEC qualified to lower the initial investment amount to $500, opening up the opportunity to even more Americans.


Tech updates

We are continually improving our platform. Coming soon are more updates to the investor dashboard, our app, and more features to make investing easier for everyone.

Our Vision

Our vision is to leverage new technology to revolutionize the way investors can diversify their long-term investment portfolios.