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Past Performance Does Not Indicate Future Results

Our best practices put investors and their hard-earned money in good hands


Public Oversight

Public oversight requires DiversyFund to disclose important financial and management information. With annual audits conducted by a third-party CPA firm and filed with the SEC, we keep investors fully informed on all aspects of their investment.

Our transparency helps individuals make the best investment decision possible — with ease and trust.


Multifamily Value-Add Properties

Our focus is to invest in commercial real estate, specifically multifamily apartment buildings. This category of real estate has shown strong growth year over year, even in times of recession. By focusing on one property type, we are able to leverage deals, make industry connections, and maintain the potential for high returns for our investors.

Investor Protections

Strict Vetting Processes for Properties

Every investment decision DiversyFund makes is backed by data, tech, and our team of seasoned real estate professionals. Only properties that meet extensive criteria make it into the fund.

The team determines the best properties based on factors such as population growth, job growth, trends, new construction, and market comps.

The Numbers

Historical Data Tells Our Story

Investors look for a solid track record of past performance to indicate future performance. That’s why you can invest with confidence knowing DiversyFund has a track record of double-digit returns.

In 2017, investors saw average annualized returns of 18% and in 2018, investors saw average annualized returns of 17.3%.

Although past performance does not indicate future returns, investors can rest assured knowing their money is at work with a proven team.

Our Expertise and Experience

We pride ourselves on our investment approach and experience in commercial real estate.

Craig Cecilio and Alan Lewis combine nearly four decades of collective experience in the real estate investment industry, bringing the best of both real estate expertise and Wall Street experience to the company’s investors.

Craig Cecilio

Craig Cecilio

Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Alan Lewis

Alan Lewis

Co-Founder and Chief Investment Officer