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Opportunity Fund I

  • 12-15% Projected Investor Return*
  • 7-10Yrs. Projected Hold Period

*Projections are not guarantees and any investment carries risk. Investors should carefully read the Fund’s Private Placement Memorandum, including the section containing risk factors, and consult their financial advisors before making any investment.*




Minimum $25,000 Investments

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Fund Overview


Long-term Growth

The Fund will seek to exploit opportunities throughout the United States to capitalize on real estate investment offerings, primarily multifamily properties for sale, due to turmoil in both the real estate and financial markets.

Target Net IRR12-15%
Raise$50 million
Fund Duration7-10 years
Investment StrategyGrowth
Minimum Investment$25,000
Target # of Investment Properties5-10

Investment Strategy

DiversyFund intends to maximize rental income and disposition profits for Opportunity Fund I and its investors by following an opportunistic, value-add strategy. Exterior and interior improvements will be made, units will be upgraded, and professional management will be put in place. Once all value-add projects are completed, the assets will be sold according to market conditions.

Investment Details

The primary purpose of Opportunity Fund I is to invest in existing multifamily real estate in a distressed or opportunistic state that is priced below expected current market value. The Fund may also pursue other selective investments in strategic opportunities, including short-term rentals, if they are deemed to offer a potential to maximize Fund profits.

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