Offer Process Overview

Each Premier Offering will progress through the same stages.

The goal of the evaluation period is for you to determine whether you would like to submit an offer. DiversyFund provides a comprehensive list of offering materials for you to carefully review before making your decision. We fully suggest you consult your own financial, tax, and legal advisors before deciding whether to invest in a particular offering. DiversyFund does not provide financial, tax, or legal advice and makes no claims as such.

The evaluation period begins when a deal goes live on DiversyFund’s app or website. Investors can then access the offering’s detail page.

This page contains offering documents and disclosures which investors should review carefully. The offering’s detail page will also show the date the offering will be live for investment. We expect that typical offerings will have about 2 weeks of evaluation time before the offering is live for investment. Investors are encouraged to ask questions directly of our investor relations team on the DiversyFund Community Forum. Investors can also review previously asked questions and responses about the offering.

At the end of the Evaluation Period, the deal will open to offers from investors.

  • Click the blue “Invest” button to begin your offer.
  • Once you are on the Investment Amount page:
    1. Fill in the offer amount
    2. Check the disclosures and disclaimers
    3. Click the “Submit Investment” button
  • Congratulations! Your offer has been submitted and is pending approval.
    Approval requires you pass the accreditation process (See Accreditation Section below). Your notification center will provide all the information you need to have your offer approved.
    *It’s important to note: Offers are accepted on a first come first serve basis. If an offering gets over-reserved, offers that arrived later in the queue may be returned back to the investor.*It is highly recommended that you finish the accredited steps listed below as soon as possible. Accreditation submission date and time will be used to decide when, or if, your offer will be authorized to fund.

After you submit your offer, you must have a valid accreditation letter on file in order to secure your investment in the offering. DiversyFund handles this process for you using Parallel Markets. Learn more about the accreditation process below:

  • Accreditation Overview
  • It is highly recommended that you finish getting accredited as soon as possible. Accreditation submission date and time will be used to decide when, or if, your offer will be authorized to fund.

Closing documents may be electronically signed by all account members configured as signatories using DocuSign, you can upload manually.

For investing entities with additional signatories, the additional signatory needs will be guided by our customer service team on how to submit relative documents.

Once you complete the Accreditation Process, Parallel Markets – a secure 3rd-party platform – will review your verification status.

Please allow 24-48 hours for our Investor Relations team to review your accreditation status.
Keep in mind, this is an illiquid investment with a 5-7 year investment horizon
  • Once DiversyFund’s Investor Relations team has reviewed your accreditation status, your offer will then be approved and you will be locked in as an investor in the offering.
  • No action is required on your part once DiversyFund’s Investor Relations team has approved your offer. You will be notified when your accreditation has been approved.
  • DiversyFund works to confirm funds received as quickly as possible but it can take 2-5 business days for the offer to be approved.
  • When interest in a deal exceeds allocation, the deal is considered over-reserved. If the offering becomes over-reserved, investors who do not complete their accreditation promptly will be moved to a waitlist, while the investors who have completed their accreditation will be prioritized to fund first.
  • Ultimately not all investors who submit offers will be able to invest in an offering that is over-reserved. Investments will be finalized on a first-to-fund basis from among the offers where investors completed accreditation soonest.
  • For more information on over-reserved, please refer to this article: Over-Reserved Overview.

Offers are non-obligatory until the investor has completed the accreditation process. You may withdraw your offer within your Portfolio Page by clicking on ‘Hold’ until the accreditation process has been completed and we have sent you notification that your offer has been approved.