Monterey Investment Update: May 2017

This month’s Monterey investment update brings you the latest details on the installation of the final beams and framing structures.

Progress continues at Monterey

We are setting the final structural beams and have begun framing the massive roof structure.Windows and Doors are on order and will be ready to install as soon as the frames come down from the rafters. We are making one last push with the HOA to modify the roofing material. The roofing material we selected will ensure a long-lasting product while saving on cost. Finish packages are finalizing as we work with the design team to assemble the perfect blend of luxury and comfort for the house. Finally, we are targeting a framing inspection date of May 26th, which will allow us to wrap the house; protecting it from the elements.

We hope you enjoy these pictures showing you all the progress we accomplished in the last month.