Monterey Investment Update: June 2017

This month’s Monterey investment update is all about the details.

This month we were able to reach some significant milestones for this project. We bring you the latest details on the installation of the final ridge beams, roof joints and completion of the massive roof structure.

Progress Continues at Monterey.

We are setting the final structural beams and have begun framing the massive roof structure. Windows and doors are now onsite and are ready for installation as soon as the roof sheathing nailed down.

Finish packages are in final negotiations with various high-end contractors in the local area. Simultaneously, with the door and window installations, rough trades will continue and run all piping and wiring throughout the structure to accommodate its vast living spaces.

Take a look at the pictures for this month’s investment update and take a close look at all the details that are in place for this amazing house. As you can see, our team is excited about all the progress we are accomplishing every day at this property.

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