Investment Project Update: Monterey, CA – Feb 2017

The Monterey, CA project is moving forward successfully. We would like to bring you this month’s Investment Project Update to stay up to date with everything that is happening.

Monterey continues to progress as expected.   The framing crew has been working hard, rain or shine, and has only lost 1 week when the rains were a torrential downpour.

Removing the form boards

As you can see, the foundation is poured and set, so we were able to remove the form boards and the ground is ready for framing.

Investment Project Update       Monterey, CA - Investment Project Update


Framing started on the additional/detached garage and the upstairs room.  Ceilings are expected to start next week.

Investment Project Update Investment Project Update Investment Project Update

You can see where some of the rooms of the house are. Most of the walls for the first floor are up. The living room overlooking the bay, and the dining room also has a beautiful view. You can also see windows frames, hallways, doors, and the roof. It is coming together rapidly, in spite of the weather.

Keeping the water at bay (no pun intended)

Moreover, our experts are also working on the frame around the house that forms the surrounding area of the house. This must be done to make sure we keep the house away potential water damage from rain and other environmental events.

Investment Project Update Investment Project Update Investment Project Update

As a result, the work is paying off as you can see in the images below. Nothing stops our crew from getting the job done!

             Investment Project Update   Investment Project Update

The Santa Cruz Bay

Finally, we leave you with this breathtaking view of the beautiful Santa Cruz Bay. This is the view the future owners of this home will appreciate from the living room, dining room, and bedrooms.

Investment Project Update

As you know, we enjoy bringing you these updates so you can stay up to date with everything that is going on with your investment project. If this is not your project yet, we invite you to create a profile and get an exclusive look at all the potential opportunities we have for you.