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Ready to start your journey to financial freedom? We’ve created a special financial health workbook to help guide you on your path to financial freedom.

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  • Exclusive eBook full of financial health tips and wealth-building strategies

  • Includes 30 daily prompts and exercises so you get clear about your money goals

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  • Learn how to invest to help build generational wealth

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Start creating the future you want today

DiversyFund offers an easy way to diversify your portfolio with multifamily real estate, like apartment buildings. Give yourself a break from the volatility of the stock market and invest in alternative assets. Sign up for your free account today to create as many financial opportunities as possible and watch your future flourish.

  • Benefit from investing in multifamily real estate properties across the US with one easy click

  • Fortify your portfolio with double diversification as our team acquires new properties with high potential for value-add and forced appreciation

  • Our team of real estate experts manages the acquisition, renovation, and management of all the properties in the trust

  • With our value-add strategy, cash flow from rents are reinvested throughout the fund’s term to continue adding properties and facilitate renovations, all to maximize your investment

  • Once the time is right, the assets are sold and any profits are split among investors