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Turn Your Tax Refund
Into a MeFund


The average American gets almost $3,000 back from the federal government in tax returns.

What We're Here to Change:

Only 9% of these people use that money to invest.

Spend or Invest? Why Not Both!

Tax season is here, and for most of us, that means a refund is coming. Reward the hard work you’ve put in all year with something nice for yourself now as well as something nice for your future self.

There’s no better gift to future you than investment. By allocating a portion of your refund to investments such as real estate, you’re setting yourself up for long-term success.


5 Reasons You Should Invest Your Tax Refund This Year

An Investment Will Gain Value Rather Than Lose Value

Take Advantage of Compounded Investment Earnings

You Don't Blow Your Paycheck; Why Blow Your Tax Refund?

You’ll Reach Your Long and Short-term Goals Faster

Investing Can Bring Peace of Mind for Emergencies or Retirement

Future-Proof Your Portfolio

Nothing in life is certain, that’s why it’s wise to diversify into alternatives that hedge against market volatility. We choose alternatives that have a steady history like multifamily real estate for our funds.

Your Refund Can Start Growing Today

The DiversyFund Growth REIT is making once off-limits investments available to everyone. We’re on a mission to create investment opportunities for the everyday investor. Here’s how it works:

Add Real Estate To Your Portfolio

With a Growth REIT investment made on our online portal, you will own a portfolio of multifamily apartment buildings

We Do All The Heavy Lifting For You

Once you invest in the fund, you can be hands-off! Our seasoned team will manage the assets in the fund, and you’ll get updates throughout the entire process.

Your Investment Dollars Start Working For you

As an investor, you will profit from rents collected on properties, which are automatically reinvested into the fund to grow your investment. You will also profit at the end of the investment term when the fund’s properties are sold.

Start Investing Today and Turn Your Tax Refund Into a MeFund