The DiversyFund

Premier Plan for Accredited Investors

Limited Availability

In addition to the DiversyFund Growth Plan, we’re excited to offer the new DiversyFund Premier Plan for our accredited investors.

Not sure if you’re accredited? Scroll down to see below.

What is it?

The DiversyFund Premier Plan will introduce property-specific multifamily offerings to our accredited investors, providing the opportunity to further diversify your portfolio through carefully vetted multifamily assets with increased return potential.

What are the benefits?

Investing in the DiversyFund Premier Plan offers a multitude of benefits to accredited investors, including:

  • An effective hedge against inflation

    Institutional-quality real estate assets offer low correlation with equities.

  • An ideal diversification strategy

    Private market real estate investing delivers balance against a volatile market.

  • Depreciation pass through tax benefits

    Current IRS rules allow investors to depreciate the value of their investment every year.*

  • Dedicated assistance

    Premier Plan investors will have access to a member of our investor relations team to answer questions and discuss the asset.

  • Step-by-step action plan for every offering

    When we have a new asset for investors, you’ll receive a recorded webinar and an introduction that includes the location of the property along with key details to help better plan your investment decision.

What do you need to do?

Accredited investors can take part in this investment with a minimum of $50,000. This offering is expected to fill up fast, so you’ll want to sign up quickly. It’s truly a first come, first invested opportunity to get in on the ground floor of a promising multifamily property. Please fill out the form below to join the waitlist for upcoming offerings.

Thank you, and then one last thing. Keep an eye on inbox should be Keep an eye on your inbox for details regarding our first Premier Plan offering.

Am I Accredited?

Simply put, becoming an accredited investors means you have an annual income (over the past 2 years) of over $200K. Joint accredited investors have an annual income of over $300K. You can also qualify as an accredited investor if you have over $1 million in assets excluding your primary residence.

*As with any financial decision, interested parties should consult a certified/licensed advisor before investing. DiversyFund, Inc. (“DiversyFund”) is not a tax advisor. Please consult a tax professional with any questions relating to taxes.


Annual Income exceeds $200,000 for last 2 years


Net Worth of over $1 million (not including primary residence)


Joint Income exceeds $300,000 for last 2 years


Net Worth of over $1 million (not including primary residence)