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I was impressed with how easy it is to sign up and create an account with DiversyFund. I enabled Auto-Invest so I don't have to remember to make a deposit, and I like how I receive regular property updates I can access through my dashboard.

A. Davis

Earn Up to a $100 Bonus Investment.

Diversifying your portfolio by investing in real estate offers protection against stock market volatility. When you invest in our fund, you’re investing in a proven strategy–utilized for years by the wealthy–that’s managed by professionals. 24/7 access to your investment account and online help when you need it provide peace of mind and eliminate the uncertainty that often comes with investing for the future.

Start your account with a $1000 investment, and we’ll add a $100 bonus investment


Start your account with a $500 investment, and we’ll add a $50 bonus investment

Set up Auto-Invest, and you can sit back and watch your portfolio grow potential generational wealth.

Use FUND50 when you invest $500
Use FUND100 when you invest $1000

Diversify Your Portfolio

An investment platform that delivers a professionally managed portfolio or real estate assets.

Why Diversyfund

The DiversyFund Strategy

At DiversyFund, we use a simple 5-stage process that is easy to understand and completely in-house:

Capital Raise

The process begins when we open the REIT fund to new investments. This rise provides the funds to find and purchase new properties for the portfolio.


Our real estate team researches areas across the country and uses a variety of metrics (including population and job growth rates) to select and acquire properties that show a strong potential for growth.


We use a value-add strategy to renovate and update the properties in the portfolio, increasing their potential value. These renovations can include everything from new landscaping to updating kitchens and floorings throughout the units.


After renovations are complete, we let the properties appreciate over time. This time period is targeted for between 5 and 7 years.


At the end of the term, we sell the properties and distribute the profits to our investors. Investors can choose to liquidate (receive their cash profit) or reinvest in a new Growth REIT for the process to begin again.


With one $500 (or more) investment, you're a co-owner in a diversified portfolio of real estate assets.

Our experienced team of real estate professionals seeks out properties with the highest potential. We then purchase, manage, and renovate. When the time is right, we sell the assets and profits are split among investors.

We accelerate your wealth creation by reinvesting cash flows from the properties throughout the term.

Terms & Conditions:

Eligibility: New DiversyFund account holders who open and fund their account by 1/31/22.

Eligible new account holders will receive a $50/$100 bonus investment when they open and fund their investment account with a $500/$1000 initial investment to the Growth REIT I fund. Reward investments will be made after a qualified investment is verified.

Bonus investments may take up to 8 days to show up as fully funded on your dashboard. Investments made after 1/31/22 do not qualify for this promotion. All eligibility is determined solely at DiversyFund’s discretion.