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Real Estate Investing, The New Way.

One platform, one investment, exclusive access to multifamily real estate deals. Can you wait any longer to diversify?


Start building a solid portfolio and diversified investment strategy

  • Our experienced real estate team pinpoints properties with the highest potential.
  • We purchase, renovate and manage apartment buildings across the country.
  • Cash flow from rents is reinvested throughout the fund’s term to continue adding new properties and funding renovations.
  • When the time is right, we sell the assets and profits are split among investors.

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Investor Benefits

Diversify Your Assets

Protect yourself from the stock market’s volatility and diversify your portfolio with real estate.

Access for All

Get started in minutes with a minimum investment of $500. We are open to all investors–accredited or not.

We Do the Work For You

When you invest with DiversyFund, you get the luxury of investing on autopilot. Our team manages all real estate projects directly.

Transparency & Access

We are vertically integrated, meaning our internal real estate division manages all projects (instead of outsourcing). That means full transparency, real-time updates on real estate assets and no third-party fees for our investors.

Highest Compliance Standards

Rest assured knowing your investment is professionally managed. We follow strict best practices. All our financial statements are filed with the SEC yearly for comprehensive audits.

Invest & Track Your Portfolio 24/7

Our technology enables investors to invest and view their portfolio in real time, online, 24/7. That's real estate investing the modern way.

See What Our Investors Are Saying About DiversyFund

I have had my money with DiversyFund for over 2 years now and I am very pleased with the operations of the company. I work professionally in commercial real estate as a broker/developer in the Mountain West region of the US but, investing with DiversyFund has given me broader exposure into deals that are in markets that I wouldn’t otherwise have exposure to.

Jacob Woodward

A few years ago, I was completely new to investing in real estate and came to DiversyFund as a referral from a friend. The investor relations team was very informative and walked me through everything. I have to say I am very impressed with the process, the company, the properties, and what they are planning in the future. Highly recommend!

Aaron Christopher

It’s one of the best investment decisions I’ve made. Glad I found out about them early on. Looking forward to the company’s growth and mine along with it.

Michael Rinard

I invested in DiversyFund last year and my experience has been very positive. It’s simple and transparent and a great way for investors to participate in something we normally won’t be able to and get great returns.

Todd Bushman