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Protect Your Portfolio With Time-Tested Alternatives

Diversify and set yourself up for long term-success. See how everyday investors like you can weather the storm.


Strengthen your portfolio with a diversified multifamily real estate fund

  • One investment makes you a co-owner of multiple assets across the US.
  • Our experienced real estate team pinpoints properties with the highest potential.
  • We purchase, renovate and manage apartment buildings across the country.
  • Cash flow from rents is reinvested throughout the fund’s term to continue adding new properties and funding renovations to maximize your investment.
  • When the time is right, we sell the assets and profits are split among investors.

A strong addition to your portfolio

The markets can change at a moment’s notice, that’s why it’s wise to diversify into alternatives that hedge against market volatility. We choose alternatives that have a steady history like multifamily real estate for our funds.

Investor benefits

Diversify Your Portfolio

Protect yourself from the stock market’s volatility and diversify your portfolio with commercial multifamily real estate. With diversification, you can rest assured knowing that your assets are not tied to just one property but multiple assets, allowing your investment to grow.

Easy Access For All

The same investments that have worked for the 1% and used to be exclusive are now open to everyday investors like you. You can start growing your investment with $500 and add to it anytime--and you can do it in just a few minutes.

Set It And Forget It

Investing has never been this easy. Make your investment online, instantly co-own the assets in the fund and get updates directly on your dashboard.

Transparency & Access

Our team manages all real estate projects directly and we co-own the assets with our customers to keep our goals aligned. That means full transparency, real-time updates on real estate assets and no third-party fees for our customers.

Highest Compliance Standards

Rest assured knowing your investment is professionally managed. Our funds are SEC-qualified, which means all our financial statements are filed with the SEC yearly for comprehensive audits.

Invest & Track Your Portfolio 24/7

Our platform enables investors to invest and track their portfolio in real time, 24/7. Investing in alternatives made easy.

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