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One Year Wiser, One Year Wealthier

It’s been 12 months since we launched our biggest push yet to democratize investing and help the everyday investor have access to the same wealth building tools used by the 1%. While no one could have predicted all that would change in this last year, what hasn’t changed is our commitment to you.
Here’s a look at what you’ve accomplished!


Created Accounts On Our Wealth Building Portal


New Investors In the Growth REIT


Building Wealth on Autopilot

Here’s To Another Year Around The Sun

We’re celebrating the one year anniversary of our innovative offering for both new and seasoned investors—a $500 minimum investment in a multifamily real estate portfolio on a self-serve platform. Our unique Growth REIT is allowing more people than ever before to diversify their personal wealth portfolios and start creating investments to help build generational wealth.

What You Invest For

  • Financial Security - 50%
  • Retirement - 39%
  • Children - 6%
  • Buy A Home - 4%
  • Other - 1%
  • 50%
  • 6%
  • 4%
  • 1%
  • 39%

Where you are on your investment journey?


Are you a first time investor in alternative assets?

No 38%


Yes 62%


Building Wealth Requires A Long-Term Mindset

Building wealth is a long-term strategy and cultivating a mindset that values different types of wealth accumulation methods is important. We asked you about your investment goals and journey and here’s what you said.

Learn More about how you can create your own long-term investment goals.

Wealth Building For
The Everyday Investor

Expect to see a lot more from us! Over the next few months we will continue to improve our digital platforms to provide you the tools and knowledge to build wealth.

April 18th

New online portal enabeling self-serveinvestingin Real Estate

June 17th

A $500 minumum investment serving the everyday investor

October 30th

Monthly auto-deposit, build wealth long-term at your own pace

April 30th

First mobile app is released, access your account from any device

Coming Soon

Delivering new wealth building tools for the everyday investor

We continue to evolve our product offerings and technologies to make it easier for you to build wealth. Check out our Mobile App and Invest today

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The Power Of

We believe the way to close the wealth gap is to build an informed and engaged community that works together to share the wealth by investing in the future—together.

We thank you for being a valued member of the DiversyFund community this year. Please take a moment to acknowledge the powerful commitment you made to reaching your financial goals by investing in the future you want to create.


Share your experience on social media using this downloadable image and tag it with #CloseTheWealthGap, along with your referral code. We want to share the knowledge (and the wealth!) with as many people as possible that you can start building generational wealth today, using the same tools traditionally leveraged by the 1%.

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Your Words, Not ours!

Here are the stories from your investment journeys.

““I love that DiversyFund allows you to invest in real estate funds with just $500. It's a great way to diversify your assets. I also appreciate all of the newsletters and material they create on investing.”
- DiversyFund Investor

“DiversyFund opens up a whole new set of opportunities for regular investors that, until recently, was reserved for the 1% at the top. Now the 99% can get in on the game!”
- DiversyFund Investor

““I’m glad I discovered DiversyFund. I thought I was well diversified with my 401k and property assets but adding the Growth REIT is a great addition to my portfolio.”
- DiversyFund Investor

Make these one of your stories, and start building wealth to secure your financial future today!

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