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5 Ways To Protect Your Portfolio From Market Volatility

The spread of COVID-19 has caused the markets to drop significantly, and there are reasons to believe that this could be a long-term problem. Here are 5 things you can do to protect your portfolio during times of extreme market volatility.

1. Prepare In Advance For A Stock Market Crash

Market downturns are a regular part of the economic cycle and being proactive is better than reacting the moment news gets bad. Creating an appropriate portfolio mix for one’s age, time horizon and risk tolerance can set investors up to handle the next stock crash.

2. Diversify

Most financial experts will tell you that diversification is key to increasing your odds for investment success. It will help you protect your portfolio in the event that one particular portion of the market underperforms.

3. Non-Correlating Assets

Non-correlating assets are assets that don’t go up and down in tandem with the stock market. Diversifying into non-correlated assets like real estate or commodities will potentially allow you to reduce the highs and lows and provide more balanced returns.

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4. Multiple Time Frames

Even if you believe that financial markets will always overcome these kinds of events, and so far they have, most investors still have to look both short-term and long-term. A combination of long-term and short-term investing allows you to focus on the parts of your portfolio that need the most attention in volatile times and realize that some parts are ok to leave in place.

5. Consider Alternatives

Alternative investments offer the potential for at least some of your assets to stay put when the markets drop. Fortunately, there are other alternative investments that act as hedges in a diverse investment portfolio while at the same time appreciating in value.

Over the 25-year period from 1992 through 2017, multifamily real estate provided the highest average annual total returns of any commercial real estate sector with the second-lowest level of volatility, according to research cited in a 2018 report by CBRE.

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