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Investing 101

5 Interesting Alternatives

If you’ve ever thought that investing in stocks or bonds isn’t interesting enough, then this article is for you. We explore five interesting alternative investments that you can get into….

November 26, 2019

Three Factors to Investigate Before Buying a Dividend Stock

Dividend paying stocks provide investors a great way to generate income. Periodically, usually every quarter, the company pays a cash dividend to the shareholders. A shareholder can either keep the…

November 12, 2019

How to Get Rich in a Bear Market

Markets go up and markets go down. This is a fact of life that all investors learn to accept. You might hear that you can only make money when the…

October 24, 2019

What Top Investors Like Warren Buffett Can Teach Us

Stock market investing has a reputation for being difficult, complex, and risky, but the truth is that it doesn’t have to be that way. Ask any economist who studies the…

Advanced Investing

How Hard Assets Like Real Estate Help Protect Against Inflation

Inflation is a growing concern for many people, including those who are working to build their portfolio and savings. Hard assets, such as gold and silver, have long been considered…

December 4, 2019

How Much to Allocate Towards Alternative Investments in Real Estate

Given their liquidity and ease of access, stocks have become the natural starting point for most investors. Whether it’s through a 401(K) or personal account, many of us have most…

November 24, 2019

1031 Exchanges Explained

If you own a real estate investment property and would like to sell it in exchange for another one, the 1031 exchange might work for you. Learn more about what…

November 21, 2019

Rebalancing Your Portfolio: Everything You Need to Know

Investors are always working to balance their portfolios, but that’s not a one-time thing. Over time that portfolio will need rebalancing, as well. When you rebalance a portfolio, you focus…

Personal Finance

Five Quick Steps to Frugal Family Living 

Everyone wants to save money, but life is only getting more expensive. Add children into the mix and the cost of living grows exponentially. There’s no need to despair though,…

December 2, 2019

How to Give Tax-Free Money to Cover Student Loans

One of the best gifts you can give a college graduate is money to help with their outstanding student loans. Unlike payments made directly to educational institutions for a student’s…

November 27, 2019

Are You Ready to Retire? Test Your Retirement Planning Before It’s Too Late

It has often been said that retirement is the longest and most important vacation of your life, and you only get one chance to get it right. By the time…

November 7, 2019

How to Become Financially Independent in 7 Steps

Early retirement. So many of us have thought about it. But few of us live it. How can we spend the rest of our lives doing what we want rather than what…

Real Estate

Implementing a Value-Add Strategy in Multifamily Real Estate Investing

If you’ve decided to invest in multifamily real estate– great choice. Now come some decisions. Do you prefer to invest in projects that entail ground-up new construction? Or maybe you…

November 15, 2019

Understanding Cap Rates in Commercial Real Estate Investing

For those interested in investing in commercial real estate, an understanding of cap rates is an important part of their knowledge base. Without knowing how cap rates might affect their…

November 13, 2019

Equity REITs and Debt REITs: What’s the Difference?

If you’re considering getting involved in a REIT (Real Estate Investment Trust), you should know that there are two different types: equity REITs and debt REITs. Both can be valuable…

November 8, 2019

The Lifecycle of a Commercial Real Estate Deal

The lifecycle of a commercial real estate deal is a long one with many moving parts to keep in mind. It’s no small undertaking to source, manage, and sell a…