Investors Appreciation Night at DiversyFund’s Downtown San Diego Office

AppreciationAfter weeks of planning and preparation, At DiversyFund, we celebrated our investors!

We wanted the opportunity to show our appreciation to current and potential investors by holding an Investors Appreciation Evening.  Investors and guests enjoyed wine, cheese, conversation and were able to enjoy an exclusive preview of one of our current projects. In the midst of the mingling amongst attendees, our partner, architect Roman James, real estate agent, Seth O’Byrne, along with CEO, Craig Cecilio, and CIO, Alan Lewis, gave a full presentation of the Granito project. This property is located in the Hollywood Hills projected to be completed in a little over a year.

A wonderful evening for our investors and our team!

AppreciationAround six in the evening, slowly but surely, guest started to arrive. Some traveling right after work, others from cities near and far. Soon after, guests were called in to gather in the conference room as the presentation started. Craig started the presentation with a brief intro. Introducing his business partners Roman James and Seth O’Byrne to go over some project aspects.

“One of the things that I really enjoy about working with DiversyFund is that we are taking down amazing projects that we can all be really proud of because of the gorgeous architecture. Some of the best lofts in San Diego and Los Angeles and the returns are absolutely incredible. They are not returns that every-day people can typically get. The Summit House is a great example we are going to set a record with Summit House that La Jolla will remember for decades to come.” Said O’Byrne during the presentation, then going on to describing his partnership with DiversyFund in further detail.

Architect, Roman James, joined us

AppreciationOn another hand, Mr. Roman James said, “What’s exciting about Diversyfund is it really reaches out to the everyday investor that wants to be part of a huge project which is really exciting for guys like us because it allows us to reach out to a big group and involve them in what we are doing. It’s a big reach not just the crowd at the country club”. James touched on in the presentation what excites him about working with us. He also discussed how Craig and Alan have allowed him to reach a larger audience of investors.

“One of the reasons that Diversyfund is disrupting the market is because we are having our investors invest in the high-end real estate with top end designers and architects. If your investing would you rather invest with a regular building or would you like to invest in a high-end designer’s real estate where your returns are the same, but at the end of the day you’re a part of something special”. Craig Cecilio went on to describe one of many benefits from investing with DiversyFund. “Your investment adds value to the area, makes the community better, and at the end of the day it will sell quickly so you can get your return faster and your money is more protected”.


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