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DiversyFund Series A Round

Convertible Note (Pre-IPO)


The Vision

The vision at DiversyFund is to dominate the fintech space, making us the go-to platform for everyday investors to access alternative investments.

We’re enabling everyday Americans to achieve financial freedom through investing. We do this by providing them access to investments that have previously been off limits.







What You Are Investing In

You’re investing in two things. First, you’re investing in our technology and the community of investors who, over time, increase more of their portfolio with us. Second, you’re investing in the profits from our real estate assets and holdings.

The Numbers

IPO Timeline

Planning IPO or M&A Exit: 2-4 Years

Secured Convertible Notes

2 Year Term
12% Accrued Interest Per Year
Convert at 20% Discount to Series B VC Round
Valuation Cap of $85 Million

10x on Investment

Seeking to IPO or Series C at 10x Current Valuation