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DiversyFund Growth REIT

Fund Details at a Glance

Offering: Public Non-Traded REIT (Real Estate Investment Trust)

Minimum Investment: $500

Availability: All US Residents

Park Blvd

Fund Investment Strategy

The fund strategy for the Growth REIT is a value-add investment strategy designed to accelerate growth over a 5-year cycle.

Investment target details 

  • Type: multifamily real estate (apartment buildings only)
  • Size: 100+ units
  • Markets: across the US
  • IRR: targeting between 10% and 20% return rate for each property
  • The value-add cycle is approximately 5 years.

5 Stages of the Value-Add Cycle

Capital Raise

The fund opens to begin collecting capital to purchase properties.


Properties are acquired that meet the strict criteria of our real estate experts and that offer strong potential for increased value at the time of resale.


As part of our value-add investing strategy, existing cash-flowing properties are acquired and then renovated to allow for increased rents and property value appreciation.


Once the renovations are complete, we allow time for the properties to increase in value.


Properties are sold and any profits are distributed to investors.


Build your million-dollar real estate holdings.

Invest in million-dollar deals without writing million-dollar checks and avoid broker fees. You get to inspect every project in your portfolio and stay up to date on each project’s progress.

From Exclusive to All-Inclusive

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) qualified the DiversyFund Growth REIT under Regulation A in November 2018. What this means is that we go through rigorous vetting, which includes strict reporting requirements and annual audits similar to the standards for public companies listed on the stock market.

SEC Filings

Fund Administration

DiversyFund owns and operates the fund and its assets: this provides direct ownership for investors. The fund is not available on public markets and therefore not correlated with stock fluctuations, adding a layer of protection to the portfolio.

Fees & Expenses

DiversyFund is eliminating middleman fees because we do everything in-house. At the REIT level, we do not charge any platform level or management fees. We are able to limit our fees to just a project level acquisition/development fee because we are the real estate sponsor on all of the deals that the REIT invests in (the sponsor is the entity responsible for finding, acquiring, managing and selling assets in a real estate deal).

The DiversyFund Real Estate Team

Our expert real estate team directs the identification, underwriting, and financing of the assets DiversyFund invests in. These include both acquisitions and development with a highly seasoned team overseeing the execution of the business plans for each investment. The team has over 75 years of combined real estate experience.

Van oversees the company’s acquisitions and financing in multifamily real estate. He brings over 30 years of executive real estate experience in the commercial multifamily space. Previously he was CEO of Prime Financial Development, a national commercial mortgage lender where he specialized in multifamily projects and acquisitions. Prior to PFD Van held roles as president of Virginia Financial Development, a commercial real estate lending firm primarily doing business in the South East, as well as President of Accurate Title, an escrow and settlement company in eastern Virginia for 14 years.  Van possesses expanded knowledge of real estate legal transactions, having closed and settled over 5 billion in real estate transactions over the last 30 years.

– Van Vogel, Executive Vice President of Real Estate

Andrew leads the acquisition efforts for DiversyFund in the Northeast, Southeast, and Great Lakes markets. Based in New York City, he was recently Director of Real Estate for Sumitomo Corporation of Americas, a Fortune Global 500. There he focused on the full life cycle–from acquisition through disposition–of multi-family apartments, in addition to developing master-planned communities.

An accomplished and versatile Investment and Acquisition executive with twenty-plus years of complete lifecycle real estate experience from sourcing to acquisition through debt and equity placement to project disposition, Mr. Witkowski’s experience includes: co-founder of a real estate investment management startup and Vice President of Acquisitions at TGM Associates, a SEC registered pension fund and investment advisory firm.  He has built or acquired nearly 6,000 multifamily units as well as office and land assets all totaling in excess of $2.5 Billion.

– Andrew Witkowski, Vice President of Acquisitions, Eastern US

Joshua directs the multifamily acquisitions and asset management efforts for all markets Texas and West. In his career, he has assisted in closing more than $1 billion of multifamily value-add products with Southern California’s most successful multifamily investment firms. Mr. Spencer has 13 years of experience in finance, with the last eight years working in real estate private equity. Prior to joining DiversyFund’s acquisitions team, Mr. Spencer was the acquisitions director for Boulder Mountain Endurance Investments (BME) and Investors Management Group (IMG) sourcing investment opportunities in AZ, CA, CO, NM, NV, TX, UT, and WA. Preceding his time at IMG, Mr. Spencer was a part of TruAmerica and the Bascom Group where he added value to the acquisitions team by closing more than 4,500 units of multifamily products.

– Joshua Spence, Vice President Acquisitions, Western US

Shayan is responsible for all aspects of the closing commercial real estate investments for DiversyFund’s multifamily offerings including managing the due diligence, underwriting and loan process. He has 10+ years of experience in real estate development and transactions management.

– Shayan Rajabi, Real Estate Operations Manager