Investment Project Update: Monterey, CA

For all our Monterey, CA investors. The following is an update on your current investment.

December 2016

At Diversyfund, we understand how important it is to receive updates on your current investment projects. We would like to thank you and share with you the latest news about the Monterey, CA project.

Monterey CA update
Investment Opportunity – Monterey, CA update.

The Monterey project is progressing as scheduled. Our contractors finished pouring the slabs for both garages and the patio. Lumber was dropped, and the framing crew is busy cutting the studs and getting the exterior walls up.

Investment Opportunity - Monterey, CA UpdateInvestment Opportunity - Monterey, CA Update


Bay View

Additionally, a tree service company trimmed trees to open up the stunning view of the bay and removed one tree that was dying. You are able to see the beautiful bay, and now we have the open space we needed for this project.

Investment Opportunity - Monterey, CA Update
Day 1 of Tree Trimming and Removal
Investment Opportunity - Monterey, CA Update
View after Tree removal



Using time efficiently

As the walls go up, the rough trades (electrical and plumbing) will be going in as well. Time is essential for our investors. Therefore, our builders ensure that time is used as efficiently as possible.

Investment Opportunity - Monterey, CA Update

As you can see here, garages are poured and being finished. We have a solid base to proceed.

Investment Opportunity - Monterey, CA Update Investment Opportunity - Monterey, CA Update

Finally, here is an image of the walls as they are going up. We are on the roll!

Investment Opportunity - Monterey, CA Update

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