Investment Project Update: Goshen Street – March 2017

This month’s investment project update on the Goshen Street property shows construction is moving right along!

With all rough plumbing, electrical, HVAC and fire sprinklers complete for the two new units, Goshen is moving along in construction as we bring you this month’s investment project update. Now, that the existing unit, 1261 Goshen, is complete through drywall, including the installation of all exterior doors and windows. Additionally, the front deck for the property is now complete. Finally, the cabinets and interior finish carpentry are ordered with expected deliveries throughout this month.

goshen investment project update

Getting Ready to Hang Dry Wall & More

On the two units located at 1265 A & B Goshen, a roof membrane has been installed, as well as exterior doors and windows being ordered. Furthermore, the exterior doors and window will install this month. Since this gives us the ability to insulate walls, we will be able to wrap the exterior and hang drywall too.

goshen investment project update


Finishing the Interior

Even more so, the 1265 Goshen Street property will catch up quickly to the existing unit. With just final measurements needed, the interior finishes will be complete in no time.

goshen investment project update

Nearing Completion

With much of the construction completed or well underway, our target completion date is May 5th, 2017.

goshen investment project update

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