Investment Updates

See how your investment with DiversyFund is progressing through construction, as well as when it is expected to be completed.

  • Goshen Investment Update November 2017

    We’re about to complete our final punch list items! Electrical fixtures, carpet, fence, gutters, downspouts and shower enclosures are now installed. Garage and parking areas are poured and SDG&E will install gas and electric meters this week. Finally, the three units are furnished with a rustic /contemporary look. Dive into our pictures to... READ MORE
  • Costebelle Investment Update November 2017

    Costebelle is almost ready for its market reveal! This month's Costebelle investment update brings you tile complete and the cabinets, garage door, baseboard, interior and exterior doors and tubs have been installed. On the exterior, we have poured the concrete in front of the garage area and the concrete stairs. We are working with SDG&E on... READ MORE
  • Monterey Investment Update: November 2017

    The new General Contractor team is doing an outstanding job on site. All of the framing and roofing issues needed to pass inspection are nearly complete. Roofing has been sheeted and roof materials have been ordered. Moreover, the interior design team is working on finalizing the interior design package. Windows and exterior doors are going to be... READ MORE
  • Felspar Investment Update November 2017

    This project is starting to take shape! Unit A has rough-in plumbing at 70% and HVAC at 20%. Unit B rough-in plumbing and HVAC are done and we’ve begun electrical layout and locating electric and gas meters. Windows and exterior doors will be delivered and installed soon. Stucco is scheduled for later this month and roofing will begin by early... READ MORE
  • Monterey Investment Update: October 2017

    Framing is coming to a close & New team members! Now that framing is coming to a close, we have switched general contractors to a local builder with over 20 years of experience in Monterey. The new general contractor identified some framing errors from the previous builder and is in the process of correcting them before calling for a framing... READ MORE
  • Costebelle Investment Update: October 2017

    We are getting close to the finish line! This amazing project in La Jolla is starting to become more and more real. Large slabs of materials are installed in the bathroom walls and flooring is nearly completed. Countertops and cabinets will be installed soon. Outside improvements have been started and they are looking fabulous! Take a look at... READ MORE
  • Goshen Investment Update: October 2017

    Countertops are complete, bathroom accessories and interior handrails are installed and all hardwood floor areas are done. The existing retaining wall was waterproofed. The landscape drainage and new retaining wall between existing house and Unit 1 are now finished. Concrete forms on the garages and common areas are ready to be poured. We... READ MORE
  • Park Blvd Investment Update: October 2017

    This month's investment update regarding Park Boulevard covers many meetings. These meetings were with the engineers and design consultants, so the team can finalize their plans including: structural, mechanical, shoring, civil, general contractor, and more. Additionally, architect Roman James is completing the schematics... READ MORE
  • Felspar Investment Update: October 2017

    This month’s investment update for our project at 2112 Felspar Street reports that frames are almost done in Unit B. With the first and second floor finished and trusses installed, it is about 90% of the way done. Then in Unit A, the first floor is completely framed and 95% of the second floor is complete. Additionally, sheathing roof deck floor... READ MORE