Investment Updates

See how your investment with DiversyFund is progressing through construction, as well as when it is expected to be completed.

  • Goshen Invesment Property Update – January 2018

    The new year brings great news for the Goshen investment property! The Goshen investment property update for this month includes great news for all investors: construction is complete! We are now just tending to final touch-ups as we wait for SDG&E to connect the gas and electric meters so that we can pass our Final Inspection with the... READ MORE
  • Costebelle Investment Property Update – January 2018

    We are getting very close to completion in Costebelle! The Costebelle investment property is looking amazing and is almost there! With the elevator installation complete, we are ready for Roman James’ custom-made furniture and art to arrive the last week of the month. The landscape crew is working on their final touches and the cabinet drawer...
  • Park Blvd Investment Update: January 2018

    This month our Park Blvd property is making headway with final plans being prepared to submit to the city and more! First, the architects, consultants and engineers are pushing to finalize our submission package to the City for comments. Additionally, the architects sat down with us last week to provide a virtual tour of the building. We've got... READ MORE
  • Monterey Investment Property Update – January 2018

    January brings to Monterey some exciting elements and an estimated completion date! The fireplaces are being installed in the great room, living room, master bedroom and outdoor and the septic tank is in.  The interior designer has selected a great color palette which fits perfectly with this mountain area. The trenching for gas, power, water,... READ MORE
  • Felspar Investment Update: January 2018

    We are excited to announce the projected completion for our Felspar property is Spring 2018. This month, the exterior doors have been installed. Lath, along with scratch and brown coats on the exterior building and insulation are complete in both buildings and have passed their inspections. We have finished all the electrical underground work,... READ MORE
  • Monterey Investment Update – December 2017

    For this month's investment update, you'll see a lot taking place at the Monterey property. The General Contractor is working hard on interior designs for the project, picking out various finishes for the flooring, tile work, cabinets, and countertops. We've received newly proposed master bedroom and master bathroom floor plans and fireplace... READ MORE
  • Costebelle Investment Update – December 2017

    We are wrapping up the year with a great Investment Update for our Costebelle Property. During the last month, the General Contractor worked hard on the exterior of the house: site drainage, concrete flatwork, and BBQ area. HVAC equipment was installed, the tile was grouted and SDG&E is working on the paperwork for the gas meter. Wood... READ MORE
  • Goshen Investment Update – December 2017

    This month we’ve been putting the finishing touches on the Goshen property. This month we've been putting the finishing touches on the existing house, including garage door installation, framing the master bedroom balcony railing, and grass installation. Utilities were processed this month with SDG&E and the City of San Diego public... READ MORE
  • Granito Investment Update | December 2017

    This month's Granito investment update brings you good news about the high-end market in Los Angeles. Right now, we are waiting on the final pledged dollars to come through, so we can begin excavation work in January. We look forward to sharing photos with you in the coming months so you can watch this remarkable home take shape. Recently, we... READ MORE

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