Investment Updates

See how your investment with DiversyFund is progressing through construction, as well as when it is expected to be completed.

  • Monterey Investment Update: October 2017

    Framing is coming to a close & New team members! Now that framing is coming to a close, we have switched general contractors to a local builder with over 20 years of experience in Monterey. The new general contractor identified some framing errors from the previous builder and is in the process of correcting them before calling for a framing... READ MORE
  • Costebelle Investment Update: October 2017

    We are getting close to the finish line! This amazing project in La Jolla is starting to become more and more real. Large slabs of materials are installed in the bathroom walls and flooring is nearly completed. Countertops and cabinets will be installed soon. Outside improvements have been started and they are looking fabulous! Take a look at... READ MORE
  • Goshen Investment Update: October 2017

    Countertops are complete, bathroom accessories and interior handrails are installed and all hardwood floor areas are done. The existing retaining wall was waterproofed. The landscape drainage and new retaining wall between existing house and Unit 1 are now finished. Concrete forms on the garages and common areas are ready to be poured. We... READ MORE
  • Park Blvd Investment Update: October 2017

    This month's investment update regarding Park Boulevard covers many meetings. These meetings were with the engineers and design consultants, so the team can finalize their plans including: structural, mechanical, shoring, civil, general contractor, and more. Additionally, architect Roman James is completing the schematics... READ MORE
  • Felspar Investment Update: October 2017

    This month’s investment update for our project at 2112 Felspar Street reports that frames are almost done in Unit B. With the first and second floor finished and trusses installed, it is about 90% of the way done. Then in Unit A, the first floor is completely framed and 95% of the second floor is complete. Additionally, sheathing roof deck floor... READ MORE
  • Costebelle Investment Property Update – September 2017

    With all mechanical inspections passed last month, we’ve been able to make great headway on the transformation to finishes and beautification. Progress Continues on Costebelle Way With drywall and stucco now complete, we have begun to install tile in bathrooms and are prepping for cabinets. The completion of stucco means that we can begin to... READ MORE
  • Park Blvd Investment Update – September 2017

    Park Blvd. Investment Update for September 2017 This month’s investment update for Park Blvd reports our first design concepts brought to you by highly regarded Roman James Design team. Architecture and space planning are progressing nicely as we prepare to send architectural plans to some of the best engineers and design consultants in Southern... READ MORE
  • Felspar Investment Property Update – September 2017

    This month’s investment update for Felspar reports foundation work complete. The framers are in full swing with first floors complete and are beginning to move up to the next level. We’ve had the majority of the utilities installed underground and accepted by the local authorities to ensure smooth installations and connections to the units for... READ MORE
  • Goshen September Investment Update

    August reports a light at the end of the tunnel. Through the month of August, we have installed interior doors and trim packages, painted interiors, installed cabinetry, and started bathroom tile and flooring. Concrete and landscape crews are prepped and moving onto the site to begin to button up the exterior improvements. Guardrails for the... READ MORE